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In business for over 20 Years, we provide all types of letters and logos for sign making to both the seasoned professional and the do it yourself end user. We provide Metal, Plastic, Lighted, Unlit, Embedded, indoor, outdoor, marine and all types of letters and logos for every purpose. Made in the USA and warranted for life!

Indoor Laminate Products

Solid metal letters have become very expensive in the past few years. For indoor use we now recommend the use of laminated letters and logos. Laminates provide a thin layer of beautifully finished, anodized aluminum metal on the face that comes in your choice of 14 different variations from brushed silver to polished brass, copper and even black. Securely laminating metal to a thicker acrylic base, provides the depth without the cost associated with using solid or cast metals.

Metal on Acrylic

Letters of metal laminated to acrylic

Our cheapest and most popular metal laminate, this product is available from 3" to 36" with 2" available on request depending on the font. This product is cut using computerized tooling.

Gemleaf Laminate Letters

Letters of foil laminated to acrylic

Gemleaf™ is cut using high powered lasers that create sharp character definition on letters as small as 1 inch. Finishes are not as well defined as the metal laminates but still high quality.

Metal on Foam Letters

Letters of scrylic laminated to foam

Metal on foam letters provides you with a real metal face finish with 13 different finishes like brushed aluminum or polished brass. Letter heights start at 4" with letter depths from 1/2"

Acrylic on Foam Letters

Letters of acrylic laminated to foam

Acrylic on foam gives you the chance to have a painted face color rather than the standard metal finish that metal on foam provides. Letter heights start at 4" with letter depths from 1/2"

Acrylic Letters

Laser cut acrylic letters are the low cost workhorse of all sign letters. Made in sizes from 1" to 72" and with depths spanning 1/8" to 1.5", acrylic is still king with many projects.

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cut aluminum letters

Waterjet cut from 5052 Aluminum. Solid aluminum finishes include brushed, polished, anodized and painted. Sizes from 1" to 48".

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cut stainless steel letters

Choices include both 304 and the marine grade 316 alloys. Comes in brushed or polished.

cut brass letters

Waterjet cut Brass letters and numbers, brushed, polished or oxidized. Sizes up to 48"

cut bronze letters

Waterjet cut solid Bronze plate letters and numbers.

cut copper letters

Solid copper letters, brushed or polished finishes up to 48"

corten steel letters

CorTen steel letters will rust over time to provide a rich red scale that is surface deep without losing integrity.

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Mini Metal Sign Letters

Precision made Mini letters in Aluminum, Brass and Bronze starting at just 1/2 an inch tall. These are premium cut letters using precision guided computerized milling machines that can provide incredible detail for such a small letter shape. Several finishes available.

What would these sign letters cost in 2023?

bulldogs football team logo

So you have an idea to put your teams name on the wall in big letters. Can't be too expensive ... can it?
Customers are often surprised to find out it can be more expensive than they first imagined.
Based on various types of sign letters we have estimated how much it may cost in various materials at 12" tall.


$224 - $506


$526 - $1300


$1648 - $2772
*Price examples for various products are based on BULLDOGS sign above with 12" letters.


...for the way we live now

Illuminated Products

LED is everywhere yet LED Letters and logos are still one of the most expensive options available to the professional and DIY sign maker. When considering this option it is good to keep in mind that your budget may need serious adjustment and that LEDs will not last forever. Most systems are designed to last approximately 50,000 hours, or around five years. After the LEDs fade or burn out, they will have to be replaced. While the letters and logos themself are factory warranted for life, our power supplies and LED modules only carry a 5 year warranty.

LED Halo Lit Stainless Steel Sign Letters

Stainless steel channel letters that come with LED pre-installed, tested and ready to deploy to your project. Comes complete with powerpacks for hard wiring to 110v supply lines. 12v output generates 3000K to 6000K lumens.

LED Face lit Stainless Steel Sign Letters

Starting at 9" tall and 3" deep, these face lighted channel letters have a stainless steel back and sides with a face lens that comes in 7 different colors with LED lighting included and ready to install. Powerpacks are included ready to wire to your 110v main supply.

Gemlite2 LED Molded Plastic

Gemlite2 are a 2 part plastic channel letter that is based on our unlit vacuum formed letters. Several options available for face, backlit halo or edge lighting. These are the entry level option for individual lighted letters and very easy to install and maintain.

Halo Lit Aluminum 16"+

For large letter applications 16" to 60" letter sizes, our Aluminum channel letters are made in the same way as our halo backlighted stainless steel and are slightly cheaper. Finishes include brushed aluminum or painted cans at no extra cost.

Face lit Aluminum 16"+

Large face lighted aluminum channel letters are available from 16" to 60" for large projects. Face lighted LED letters have 7 available color options and are easy to install and maitain.

LED Machined Acrylic

Machined acylic uses 1.5" thick acrylic that has been routed out to embed LED to light it up. These are for indoor use and have several different options available including face, halo backlit, edge or a combination of all three. Sizes start at 9" tall x 1.5" deep



Letters for Buildings

This section focuses on Molded Plastics, Cast Metals and Fabricated Channel Letters. All of these products are suitable for placement on the facades of buildings. Most customers prefer greater letter depth on their building letters and while Cut Metals and Acrylic Plastic letters are also suitable for outdoor use, only Molded, Cast or Fabricated will give you the greatest depth of letter with the least cost.

Vacuum Formed Plastic Letters

Formed plastic letters are one of the most affordable ways to create depth and strength for outdoor building letters. With 13 standard fonts and the ability to create any custom font or logo, you won't find a cheaper or more reliable product anywhere. Formed plastic are in use in every state and come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty!

Injection Molded Plastic Letters

For customers that like the deep crisp look of cut acrylic letters but don't want the high price tag, this product may fit the bill. Also known as "Minnesota" letters, these outdoor building letters are made in 3 different styles and enjoy one of the fastest turnaround times of all the products we offer.

Cast Aluminum Letters

Casting letters from Aluminum or Bronze allows for greater depths at less cost than using cut metal letters. Casting allows us to make primatic, round and flat face letters starting as small as 2" and as big as 3ft each with letter thickness up to 1-1/2". Pricing in comparison to cut metal letters of the same depth can save more then 50%.

Cast Bronze Letters

All the same properties as are available with cast alumium letters, cast bronze letters are the best value for money letters found anywhere and are used wherever there is a need to project prestige without the cost of cut bronze letters.

Fabricated Stainless Steel Channel Letters

This type of channel letter is made by cutting a face from 22 gauge stainless steel and then seamlessly welding an edge of various widths to make a lightweight and durable letter, number or logo that is beautiful and lightweight while being strong and durable. These are the same letters used for our halo lit LED letters, without the extra cost of the LED.

Fabricated Aluminum Channel Letters

Made the same way as our stainless steel channel letters, aluminum allows us to make sizes up to 6 feet tall for the very biggest of project applications. Aluminum channels come in your choice of painted colors and offer a crisp, lightweight, strong and durable solution at an affordable cost to fit most large projects budget.