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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a sign company? Can we buy from you at wholesale?

No. Please visit with Gemini Sign Products( They sell directly and only to the trade so if you are in need of wholesale trade pricing we suggest you go to them.

Do you provide discounts to end users?

Yes if the order is large enough and all done at one time, we may give discounts based on the total order size.

What about Quality and Materials?

All our products carry a manufacturer's lifetime warranty against defects. The products we sell are professional grade letters, numbers and logos made here in the United States by the largest manufacturer in the industry with over 50 years in the business.

How long will it take to get my order?

That rather depends on the product since they all have different production times. Each order page has the production time listed above the order form.

Billing and Pricing


Can we open an account?

No I am sorry but we do not offer billing or take purchase orders at this time.

Do you charge sales tax?

We charge sales tax for the states of MN-IA-TX-NV-WA-CA-FL This is because we have a presense in these States. All other States are tax free at time of writing.

Artwork, Mounting and Fonts


I have a font you don't list. Can you cut it?

Essentially we cut shapes. A font is just another shape so as long as you can provide the font, or we can download the font, we can cut it. We have thousands of fonts other than the ones online so feel free to ask. We can also cut from your illustrator artwork and there is no extra charge for that.

I have a logo. How do I get a quote?

Email us the artwork. If you do not have a vector outline copy such as illustrator .ai or .eps, we can often make do with a pdf. If all you have is an image then send that and tell us what you want it made from, its dimensions, the thickness and finish required. We can start there and work it back and forth via email till we can get everything sized and priced.

What art files can I send in for quotations or orders?

The best files to send us are Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps or any vectorized EPS file. Corel CMX and Gerber Graphic Advantage-PLT (V 6.21.5), and we can often get vector art from pdf files if the pdf was created or converted from an adobe illustrator file. EPS and .AI files should be saved to illustrator version CS4 or less and have embedded fonts before sending to us. These files can be sent to the address listed on our contact page

Can you make custom art for us?

That depends on the degree of complexity. We cannot produce 3d artwork for sculptured logos. We can produce flat artwork from provided drawings or images given the scale or true dimensions of a known object in the picture. For instance, where you have a window or doorway that you can measure top to bottom and side to side, you can send us a straight on digital image of the window, give us the dimensions and we can create artwork for letters that might arc above the window or door. See artwork fees below.

What is clean art?

Clean art is defined as any vectorized art file of custom letters or logos, that has used a minimum number of control points, while still retaining the integrity of the style or design.

What is vectorized artwork?

It is a 2 dimensional outline path of the object that needs to be cut. A single line with several adjustable control points that can be digitally manipulated. These types of files can be created in Adobe Illustrator and Corel draw and also in cad programs. All control points need to be closed and the paths exported with the file.

How or when do art charges apply?

If the art is fairly clean, requiring minimal clean-up, no art fee will be charged. If you do not want to pay any art fee, please advise us when you place your order. We will then call you if cleaner art is required. To create artwork from flat images such as JPEG's a fee of $5 per letter or $30 per simple logo will apply. Complex logo's may be more. To create letters from supplied font files a one time charge of $10 applies. These fees will be added to your final order. All artwork created in-house remains the property Montana Lettering Inc.

Mounting Patterns


What do you charge for mounting or installation patterns

Mounting patterns cost $3.25 per letter. Patterns are not sent with orders unless ordered. All stud mounted letters or combination mounted letters will require some type of drilling template to install.

Why are patterns difficult to make for your exact application?

Easy installation requires careful considerations of many options. Issues such as available space, visible restrictions, building obstructions, and artistic interpretation play a part in determining the best layout for your letters. For Gemini to space a mounting pattern, that meets all of your specific requirements, a detailed drawing is needed. Spacing, or kerning of letters is an art. Please be advised that no two patterns will match due to this considerations.

Can I return a pattern for credit?

Mounting patterns, like letters, are custom made to your specifications. If you have a problem with a pattern, please call us to discuss available options. In order to make a new pattern, we will need you to return the letters as the mountings are all custom placed in each letter per order. Should a pattern be spaced or spelled wrong, contact us for further instructions. Please note that most letter installations will require some adjustments to letters once the holes are drilled, even with a perfectly punched mounting pattern.

What is the difference between a Pounce Pattern and a stud mounting pattern?

A stud template is a full size drawing of your sign with stud positions marked for easy drilling. This kind of template is only useful for stud and combo type mounts. A pounce pattern is also a full size drawing of your sign but the letters are perforated allowing you to do a chalk rubbing through the paper and leave out lines of the letters on your mounting surface for perfect alignment with pads or no mount options.

How can I know what size letters will fit in my space?

Most of the product pages have a built in line length estimator based on the letters you are ordering. For a sign in either all capitals or mixed upper and lower case letters all you need to do is enter your sign copy the way it should be with spacing and available punctuation, then look at the display where your typed letters are shown. A line length and height will be shown that approximates stretching a rectangular box around all the letters shown from the very lowest character to the very highest. These lengths are pretty accurate in the real world if your spacing is done the same way as the display shows. It is important to remember that the chosen font controls the width. Every font will by its very nature provide a different length for a given set of words. Should you need more exact line lengths feel free to call us.