Frequently Asked Questions

What is the companies history?

The company was founded by the present owners in 1999 and incorporated as Montana Lettering Inc in 2000. It has been online as since 2002. Prior to that it operated under the domain

Do you directly manufacture the products?

Not since 2016. We currently operate as a distributor only. See our About Page

Do you sell wholesale?

Sorry but our prices are already as low as we can make them and still make a profit.

Do you provide discounts?

We may give discounts on high volume orders but not on high dollar orders. High volume is defined as at least 100 physical items all being ordered and produced at the same time going to one location

What about Quality and Materials?

All our products carry a manufacturer's lifetime warranty against defects. The products we sell are professional grade letters, numbers and logos made here in the United States by the largest manufacturer in the industry with over 50 years in the business.

How long will it take to get my order?

That rather depends on the product since they all have different production times. Each order page has the production time listed above the order form.

Billing and Pricing

Can we open an account?

No I am sorry but we do not offer billing or take purchase orders at this time.

Do you charge sales tax?

We pay the sales tax for all orders shipped to MN-IA-TX-NV-WA-CA-FL This is because our manufacturing partner has a presense in these States. All other States are tax free at time of writing.


I have a font you don't list. Can you cut it?

Have you tried the "other fonts" tab on the ordering page font selector? In there you will find thousands of fonts which you can search for by typing the first 2 or 3 letters of the fonts name. A selectable list is generated as you type.

I do not see the "other fonts" tab?

Your selected letter size must be at least 2" in height for the custom fonts tab to appear. Also, some products like Injection Molded Plastic are not available in custom fonts and will not have a custom font tab. Illuminated letters do not have custom font tabs because the complexity of illuminated letters do not lend themself well to being made in any font. Email for details on those.

What if my font is not on your custom list?

You can email us through our contact form and request that we add the font. Please supply the name of the font you would like added. Be aware that many fonts on the internet are not free and if that is the case you would have to buy it and send it to us in email.

LOGOS and Artwork

I have a logo. How do I get a quote?

Email us the artwork. If you do not have a vector outline copy such as illustrator .ai or .eps, we can often make do with a pdf. If all you have is an image then send that and tell us what you want it made from, its dimensions, the thickness and finish required. We can start there and work it back and forth via email till we can get everything sized and priced.

What art files can I send in for quotations or orders?

The best files to send us are Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps or any vectorized EPS file. These files can be sent to the address listed on our contact page

Can you make custom art for us?

That depends on the degree of complexity. We are not a design firm but we will help out as best we can. Contact us with details through our contact form

What is clean art?

Clean art is defined as any vectorized art file of custom letters or logos, that has used a minimum number of control points, while still retaining the integrity of the style or design.

What is vector artwork?

It is a 2 dimensional outline path of the object that needs to be cut. A single line with several adjustable control points that can be digitally manipulated. These types of files can be created in Adobe Illustrator.