Halo Lighted Letters

Stainless Steel Back Lighted Channel Letters

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Installation Patterns and mounting hardware are included FREE with every order

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Pro Tip: Multiple lines are for those making a sign with more than one line of text. When ordering "ABCD abcd" or "123A 123B" just put it all on a single line with spaces rather than one letter or number per line. Unless you are making a multi line sign or using different fonts, sizes or colors there is no need to use multiple lines

Combine the premium look of our fabricated stainless steel letters with the sophisticated visibility of diffused halo lighting. Produced in a wide range of sizes from 6” to 36”high, in multiple rich stainless finish options, all lit with one of five LED colors.

Halo Lit fabricated letters are produced with a removable can to allow for servicing of LEDs. In addition, optional detachable studs create a 1-1/2” stand-off, and allow easy removal of letters from the wall. Halo lit letters can be fabricated with or without LEDs.

Alloy 304 is the standard stainless alloy, offering excellent resistance to corrosion. Alloy 316 and Titanium are also available and recommended for more harsh environments, such as coastal areas.


Graphical logo prices are different from letter prices. Select the overall dimensions of your logo to get a base price. Keep in mind that the base price is for brushed or painted aluminum and includes up to 30 parts that make up the entire logo. Polished finishes add 75%, Anodized clear or colored brushed finishes adds 25% and Anodized Polished finish adds 100%. Price includes your choice of mounting hardware and the installation pattern. Logos over 30"; contact us for quote.

Brushed, Orbital, Arc, Painted Price: $65.69

Polished Price: $114.96

Brushed Anodized Price: $82.11

Polished Anodized Price: $131.38


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  •    Bright White 6000K is a very bright white. This is best used outdoors
  •    Warm White 3000K is best to use indoors where a bright white might overpower the wall. Bear in mind that this option will produce an off white, almost ivory light.
  •    Colors Red, Blue & Green when used on face lighted letters correspond to the color of the lens(face) ordered. A red or orange face needs red LED, green for green and blue for blue. White can be used for white or yellow face lenses.
  •    High-efficiency, ultra-bright LED lighting
    Versatile LEDs offer high performance, consistent brightness, long life and energy efficiency.
    • Linear, 3 pcs 2835 SMD LED
    • 1.77" x 0.43" x 0.378" (45mm x 11mm x 9.6mm)
    • 160° beam angle
    • 12Vdc, 0.48W, single chip 9V/30mA beads
    • Constant current LED with low attenuation and long life
    • Maximum cascading quantity – single-ended up to 50 pcs.
    – double-ended up to 100 pcs.
    • Equipped with integrated optical device
    • Can be cut between every unit
    • UL , CE, RoHS compliant
    • Halo and face backlighting
    • Channel letters
    • Light box depth: 1.5" to 15.75" (4~40cm) bottom-lit
picture of 3 bulb led module Module attribute image

3 bulb LED module

dimensions of led module dimensions of led module 2


Luminous Flux 53 lm/W @ 6500
Luminous Efficacy 110 lm/W @ 6500K
Beam Angle 160°
Wattage per Module 0.48 W Nominal
Input Voltage 12.0 Vdc
Input Current 40 mA / module
Ingress Protection IP68
Operating Temperature -13°F to +140°F (-25°C to +60°C)
Life and Warranty 22,000 hours or 5 years (limited)

100% USA MADE - When ordering our products you are supporting American workers, their families and American Manufacturing.

All our products carry a lifetime manufacturer warranty. That means that should a product fade, break or contain any defect, the manufacturer will refinish or replace the defective materials at no cost to you, as long as the product is installed in its original location. For warranty claims please email us or use our contact form. We will pass your claim onto the plant for their consideration

All products are designed to last a lifetime. All our materials and finishes are tested in many environmental conditions. We refine our coating technology, and deliver a product that we know will last much longer than the life of any other product you may install. From experience in the field and from our test lab results, we know that our products will last in excess of 10 years without any noticeable degradation in appearance. We know, from many installations around the world, that many of our products last longer than that.

Please note that warranties are limited and do not cover embedding letters in concrete or using interior products in outdoor projects.

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