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How much does a letter cost?


So, how much DOES a letter cost ? Like cars and many other products, sign letters are not a one size fits all commodity, and because of that, there is not a one price fits all answer. If there was, this website would only need a picture of an item with a "buy now" button, and all the letters, in all the sizes, and all the colors, from plastic to polished cast bronze, would be $5.95, and we could sell them on, retire to a far off pacific vacation spot and rub elbows with the other dot com billionaires.

Unfortunately, there is no way to answer the question when the caller has not taken the time to know what is available and more importantly, what they are trying to accomplish. We have many types of sign letters, products, made by different companies. All of them are letters or numbers, most of them can be used outdoors, many of them come in black or red, all of them have 12 inch sizes, lots of them have lowercase or small caps, all of them have different styles. Some of them are plastic, some are metal and some are a hybrid combining both metal and plastic. All of them are priced by the inch height based on capital letters, some are further defined in cost by the style (font), others are defined by thickness (depth), and color or finish. Beyond that are options such as mounting hardware and mounting patterns some of which will add to the letter cost, kind of like whether you want the upgraded suspension package or the moon roof option.

There are no standard letters for signage. If there were, it would be a very dull world where all signs, wherever you went, would all look the same. The only place you find that is in on our public roads where we want everyone to conform, or on the shelves of your local hardware store. Try asking them for a 24" Commercial script style and they will look at you with a blank stare. This website took several months, and indeed years to try to answer as many of these questions as possible without the user having to second guess things. That's why our ordering pages look they way they do. They are designed that way to guide you through the process and arrive at a solution that we can attach a dollar figure to. We know you won't read this, but that's ok too. Some of you just need a price, we get that! So you call and you ask and we attempt to educate you, and we lose some of you in the process because we have to ask you the same questions as the website does!

There is no magic bullet. If you don't know what you want before you call, you will likely be none the wiser after you call. It goes with the territory. All we can suggest is that you do what many others have told us they do, slow down, take the time to use the tools we have provided, look at all the available options and understand how you can build a great looking sign without having to call in the local sign company. It's not that difficult, unless you are doing this on your iPhone, between meetings, while feeding the kids at McDonalds or generally not taking the time it requires to understand the process.

Happy sign building folks !