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Bronze letter finishes include Brushed, Oxidized and patina

Why Cast vs Cut Metal Letters?

Cast letters offer more depth for the same cost. When compared to 1/4" cut sheet metal letters, a cast letter is often 4 times thicker and costs the same or less!

This is due the manufacturing process where cast letters are usually hollow in the back so you are not paying for all that solid metal you never see.


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Design single or multi-line signs with different sizes, fonts and colors and get instant previews

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Step 6: Mounting Hardware
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Highest quality, hand-finished cast aluminum and bronze letters from metal foundries with all-electric, pollution-free furnaces. Custom fonts and logos are economic in cast bronze or aluminum, with a variety of finish options, including polished, oxidized and anodized, all made in the USA, produced and shipped in typically 8 to 10 production days.

Cast Metal letters are hand finished, lead free and surprisingly inexpensive. Made in all electric, pollution free furnaces, these heavy metal letters feature greater depths than can be found in any of the cut metal letters we make, and because they are castings, they use less metal and that translates to price per letter.

When considering a cast letter against a flat cut letter, consider the depth and price of cast when compared to a similar depth in cut metal. These letters are the right choice for any environment whether it be the arid South Western States, the humid South Eastern States or the Northern States where temperatures can drop to sub zero. These all weather cast aluminum letters carry a manufacturer\s lifetime warrantee and come in a variety of finishes and colors.


Graphical logo prices are different from letter prices. Select the overall dimensions of your logo to get a base price. The base price includes up to 30 parts that make up the entire logo. Price includes your choice of mounting hardware and the installation pattern. Logos over 48" contact us for quote.

Brushed Price: $407.00

Mounting Hardware

flush mount option


Use this when mounting your letters flush to a flat surface. Whether it be drywall, brick, concrete, cinder block or wood, this is the most popular mount. Stud length for exterior use should be 2 inches in the wall. For drywall use, 1 inch is sufficient. Standard will be the factory choice based on the letter size.

projected jamb nut option


If you are mounting to an uneven surface, perhaps lap siding, metal corrugated building or rock, this mount allows adjustability. Essentially, the stud (threaded rod) get 2 nuts wound on to them and can be tightened against each other at a desired distance down the stud. By doing this the studs will only go into the wall up to where they are stopped by the nuts. This allows adjustability on all points of the studs. The image at left shows 3 possible configurations when mounting to a wall, a metal corrugated building or a flat metal plate or wall.

projected spacer option


A spacer is an aluminum tube of various selectable size which slips over the stud providing a standoff from the wall surface. This is a uniform distance so if you wanted your letter to stand away from the wall surface by 1 inch then that is the spacer length you should select. The stud length should also be selected so that with a 1 inch standoff and 2 inches of stud in the wall surface, you will need a 3 inch stud. The further you stand the letter away, the more stud you should have in the wall to counteract the weight of the letter.

stud in edge option


Bottom stud, top or even both. Tapped holes in the edge of the letters for mounting in a vertical configuration. Couple of things to consider here. Letters have to be at least 3/8" thick to drill the holes and the letters have a minimum height of 4" -BUT- that minimum is font AND letter dependent since many fonts will not have wide enough strokes to allow the drilling and tapping without it coming all the way out the other side(consider an "O" for instance).

edge rail mount option


A rail is mounted to the top, bottom or both edges to allow for mounting stand up or hanging. Depending on letter sizes this mount may not be enough on it's own and require tie backs or framework if used outdoors.

rails on back mount option


Mostly used for installation on metal corrugated buildings. It does detract from the look of the sign and is considered old school. In today\'s world a metal conduit raceway from home depot would look better to mount your letters too and they come ready finished. That being said we offer the double rail mount in maximum 8ft lengths and the rails are pre drilled to accept the letters ordered with screws that go through the rail into the letters.

flush stud mount option


Angle bracket is mounted to a flat surface like a roof parapet and the letters are attached to the rail at the bottom only. This mount will require tie backs if outside and over 8" letter height.

100% USA MADE - When ordering our products you are supporting American workers, their families and American Manufacturing.

All our products carry a lifetime manufacturer warranty. That means that should a product fade, break or contain any defect, the manufacturer will refinish or replace the defective materials at no cost to you, as long as the product is installed in its original location. For warranty claims please email us or use our contact form. We will pass your claim onto the plant for their consideration

All products are designed to last a lifetime. All our materials and finishes are tested in many environmental conditions. We refine our coating technology, and deliver a product that we know will last much longer than the life of any other product you may install. From experience in the field and from our test lab results, we know that our products will last in excess of 10 years without any noticeable degradation in appearance. We know, from many installations around the world, that many of our products last longer than that.

Please note that warranties are limited and do not cover embedding letters in concrete or using interior products in outdoor projects.