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Anatomy of a face lighted aluminum channel letter for LED
Factory Installed L.E.D. modules included!
Large Aluminum Face Lighted Sign Letters.


Anatomy of a face lighted aluminum channel letter for LED
Factory Installed L.E.D. modules included!
Large Aluminum Face Lighted Sign Letters.


Face Lighted Aluminum channel sign letters
Large scale and durable performance combine with sophisticated style in our fabricated aluminum channel letters with illuminated acrylic insert. The lightweight solution for letters 16” and up to an astounding 120” tall let you offer the most highly visible, large-scale dimensional letters available. Get the exact combination of colors that function effectively in daylight and low light with a broad selection of acrylic that features a removable face retainer for easy access.
If you do not intend to light this product go here for cheaper options


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Size and Fonts are interactive. The bigger the size the more fonts become available. Not all fonts cost the same. Custom fonts email for quote.
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Product ships with stud type mounts and full size mounting pattern included in price.
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  • LED Lit Pricing includes: Fabricated Stainless Steel letters - insides of cans painted white, Lexan backs for Halo lighting. UL Listed with Sign Section labels, lead wires/cables and power supplies* Standard leads are three wire, 36” long cables. Optional longer leads or individual wires available. Systems are 12VDC, Class 2 with 60 watt power supplies, max. 5 amps each. Wiring diagrams and instructions are provided with LED lit sets. UL label location - optional location, per customer request.

    IMPORTANT: Letters are drilled and tapped for stud mounts. Typical 1½” stand-off to create a halo effect. Best halo is on a matte, light colored mounting surface

image of LED modules

  • Not Included: Electrical field wire, connectors, raceways, enclosures, hardware. All field wiring shall be 14 awg, stranded wire. Limitations on MINIMUM stroke widths Limitations on MAXIMUM stroke widths Mounting Options: Standard Halo Lit cans are produced with a removable can mount. Faces and Cans can be removed by loosening screws in the returns. Optional detachable studs can be ordered on request at extra cost which allows the entire letter with back to remove from wall and no visible return screws.
  • If you choose to install LEDs yourself, we recommend the following: • Order letters designed to be LED lit. • Always match your face colors with the LED colors. • Use only Low Voltage, High Quality, Low-profile LED systems in any plastic letter • Investigate the manufacturer to establish their stability in the market. Most legitimate manufacturers have an established warranty period and sell their systems through sign supply distributors. • Although LED systems designed for non-signage applications may be cheaper, they create problems at installation. For the greatest flexibility, consistency, and longevity, select a system designed with signs in mind.

Aligns the display output(below) either left, right or center justified. This image is passed along in your order. Alignment requires 2 or more lines of text. TIP: You can also indent text by using spaces before and after the text to move the line text to the left or right.

Sets a background to the preview so that you can judge the text color against a background color. Backgrounds are not provided in the order. All letters come as individual letters or numbers. We do not make the sign, we help you to make your sign.

This product is size and font dependent. Even our smallest size in some serif and narrow fonts may not be able to be fabricated and lit. While we want to offer as many choices as possible you need to be aware that the bigger the opening in the back of the letter is, the more likely it is to be producd in that size or style.

To install LED in the backs of these letters and produce a good halo effect we need to have at least 1" of depth. The smaller the letter size is the harder it becomes to fabricate and populate with LED for a good effect. The larger the letter size the more depth options will become available but keep in mind that more depth adds more cost.

This product is size and font dependent. Small sizes, usually under 12 inches in standard block styles may not be able to be fabricated and lit. While we want to offer as many choices as possible you need to be aware that the bigger the opening in the back of the letter is, the more likely it is to be producd in that size or style. When choosing 6" to 12" letters please us big blocky fonts, non serif(sans serif) and no scripts.

Type in the letters, numbers and punctuation, exactly as you want it to read when you make your sign. For multiple line signs, there are 3 other lines that will become available. What you type is what you will get. If lower case letters typed and the size is too small or lower case is not available in the chosen font, those letters will automatically convert to upper case and should convert back again when you change the height or size to something that has availability. What you type here will display in the preview area to the left along with correct real world dimensions. All letters are sent to you as individual letters and numbers, not as a ready made sign.

If you only want a series of numbers or numbers and letters for doors, then type them all in on line 1. Separate with a space but do not add comma's There is no need to add one number for each line.

If you want larger leading capitals in a phrase then you have to add the larger caps on a separate line.

We can paint millions of colors and you do not have to choose one from our standard paint list. If you need to match a certain color or shade, Pantone, PPG, Sherwin Williams etc., we can do that for just $20 per color matching fee. Indicate this in the comment box at checkout and we will add the fee to your order. Please indicate the Pantone color number and the paint name if Sherwin Williams.

Face lit letters use special formulated translucent acrylic, with built in light diffusion properties. All LED face colors have been tested and approved for exterior use and are UL certified. Proper face and LED color combinations will allow for true, consistent, LED lighting. LED color intensity will vary by color. Light output may be affected by letter size, depth, stroke and profile.\nBlue LEDs will produce a softer look than other colors. The LED light output of Blue & Green will be less than other, brighter colors and Some Blue Lit designs may light better as flat face versus round face

A single powerpack can handle several letters at a time but since the amount of LED modules required to light a letter will vary depending on the size and shape of the letters ordered, it is not known how many powerpacks a given installation will require. Since the cost of the powerpacks is PER-ORDER rather than per letter, it is cheaper to order more than one letter at a time. Image of powerpack

This product is made for halo lighting. Unlike non-lighted letters found on the metal letters menu, this product has a light diffusing back plate made of Lexan with mounting hardware provided for an optimal 1.5" standoff. The interior of the letters are painted white and the LED modules (if ordered) are affixed to the back plate facing into the letter where the light is then diffused by the white interior and reflected back against the wall. Every letter is tested for even light output to match other letters in the order and the entire package carries a 5 year manufacturer warranty. You can also opt to provide your own LED modules