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LUXE™ Machined Acrylic with Embedded LED

UL Certified, precision-machined acrylic letters are created with pockets that are embedded with LED for Halo, Face and edge lighting. These letters are low-profile with seamless design which, when illuminated, creates a diffused, high-end effect. Available with a variety of face, side and halo lit options, precision machined acrylic offers new face choices of Chemetal laminate and paint, all with lit returns.


Standard fonts usually ship in 8 working days from Minnesota or Texas

Custom fonts require molds to be made and usually ship in 10 working days

Products ship from closest plant to your location


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Step 2: Size 
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Step 4: Face Color 
Step 5: Edge Color 
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Step 6: Mounting Hardware 
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 Stud Length 
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Important Pricing Considerations


  • Custom fonts are available for these plastic channel letters at extra cost. Please email with details of what you need.
  • Thin or curly fonts are not good candidates for production with LED channel letters.


  • LED channel letters are molded in 2 parts. There is the translucent colored face which clips over a molded back plate that holds the LED modules. Mounting is accomplished by using screws through the back plate into the mounting surface. Many people like to mount the lighted sign letters to an electric raceway (available at home depot) and then mount the raceway to the wall. A full size installation pattern is available for extra cost at checkout
image of an LED lighted sign letter being tested chromed plastic letters Lighted chrome plastic letters at night

Aligns the display output(below) either left, right or center justified. This image is passed along in your order. Alignment requires 2 or more lines of text. TIP: You can also indent text by using spaces before and after the text to move the line text to the left or right.

Sets a background to the preview so that you can judge the text color against a background color. Backgrounds are not provided in the order. All letters come as individual letters or numbers. We do not make the sign, we help you to make your sign.

Halo lighted channel letters cannot be produced in sizes smaller than 6". Depending on the font chosen, channel letters may need to be greater than 12" tall to be produced at all. Letter sizes are priced by the inch of height.

The letter depth is tied to the letter height. The taller the letters are the more depth we can provide but it does add cost to the letter

This product is size and font dependent. Small sizes under 12 inches can only be made in block fonts and all capitals whereas most larger sizes can be made in any font. If you have your own font or your own artwork then we can accommodate that and there is usually no price difference. Send artwork in illustrator vector outlines to and include as much details about size, thickness, finish, mounts etc for a quick custom quote.

Type in the letters, numbers and punctuation, exactly as you want it to read when you make your sign. For multiple line signs, there are 3 other lines that will become available. What you type is what you will get. If lower case letters typed and the size is too small or lower case is not available in the chosen font, those letters will automatically convert to upper case and should convert back again when you change the height or size to something that has availability. What you type here will display in the preview area to the left along with correct real world dimensions. All letters are sent to you as individual letters and numbers, not as a ready made sign.

If you only want a series of numbers or numbers and letters for doors, then type them all in on line 1. Separate with a space but do not add comma's There is no need to add one number for each line.

If you want larger leading capitals in a phrase then you have to add the larger caps on a separate line.

Channel letters can be brushed or polished stainless steel or can have a titanium coating that imparts color to the metal and improves it's longevity. Stainless 316 alloys or titanium coatings should be considered for coastal environments. Paint is also an option on the color list tabs.

Cut letters can be configured in various ways but they are dependent on the finish of the letters and the heights and fonts also. We try to present the choices available for the choices you have made elsewhere in this ordering page.

The factory recommends 2" of stud in the wall plus the amount of wall standoff desired, if any. In most cases it is best to leave this option at factory set unless you know you want longer studs for a special purpose installation

Wall standoff refers to how far you want the back of the letters to be from the surface you are mounting them on. The factory will calculate the correct stud length and if choosing this option then it's best to leave the stud length at factory set.

When a quantity is set(such as for 2 sides of a sign), you only pay for and get one mounting pattern UNLESS the mount type is stud, combination or combination all. In that case you will need a mounting pattern for each set because the stud locations are never in the same position even when the letters are identical. This is due to the manufacturing process where the stud holes or mounting blocks are placed by hand after the letters are cut, cast or molded. The order totals will reflect this.