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Machined acrylic luxe face and halo lit letter C


Lighted acrylic letters with nine LED variations


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L100 Variation



  • Translucent White Face
  • Stainless Steel Back
  • Painted Edges

Step 1: Enter Letters, Numbers 
Line 1
Step 2: Size 
 Depth (fixed) 
Step 3: Style/Font 
Displays your letters in the chosen font
 LED Color 
Line 1
 Face Color 
 Edge Color 
Total Character Count: 0
Mounting Studs, Installation Pattern and Power Packs are included with every order

Embedded Led

Take Your Signage Upscale

Precision machined acrylic will give your signage a distinctive, sophisticated look with crisp, precision-machined letters, producing an even diffused glow. This line features seamless, precisely defined edges. Illuminated, the result is a beautifully sophisticated, diffused effect, worthy of the highest-end establishment.

  • 10 Face, halo, and side-lit variations
  • Wide array of face and side finish options
  • Now available with a ¼” minimum face-stroke
  • UL Certified, serviceable design
  • Typical 10-15 day production time
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Stud Mount

UL Certified, precision-machined acrylic letters are created with pockets that are embedded with LED for Halo, Face and edge lighting. These letters are low-profile with seamless design which, when illuminated, creates a diffused, high-end effect. Available with a variety of face, side and halo lit options, precision machined acrylic offers new face choices of Chemetal laminate and paint, all with lit returns.