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Mini metal letters shown on a large doner wall display


Standard finishes (painted & polished extra)

Aluminum letter finishes include Brushed, Painted orbital

Anodized finishes (1/4" thickness only)

Anodized aluminum letter finishes in Bronze, Black, gold, champagne and clear

Polished Anodized finishes (1/4" thickness only)

Anodized and Polished letter finishes in Bronze, Black, gold, champagne, clear

Brass and Bronze Finishes

Brass and bronze finishes

Starting at just 1/2" high, these mini metal letters are made with a high level of precision on computer controlled milling machines that can cut metal to micro tolerances. The edges of these letters are machine polished as they are milled giving absolutly stunning results! Metal mini letters can be made from Aluminum, Brass and Bronze up to 1/4" thick and 2" tall. When you demand the best in mini dimensional letters and numbers, we deliver


Our metal letters are guaranteed for life


All letters are individual. No Backgrounds are supplied.

Step 1:   Enter Letters, Numbers
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Step 2:   Depth & Size
Step 3:   Material and Finish
Step 4:   Style/Font
Displays your letters in the chosen font
Text Alignment
Background Control
Step 5: Mounting Hardware
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Install patterns can be purchased at checkout

What you need to know about Mounts and Mounting Patterns

The What

Only 1/4" thick Mini metal letters can have any kind of stud mount. Even then it will depend on the font you choose since cutting this small with many fonts that have thin strokes will not give us anywhere to put studs without fattening the letters up. Mostly small letters like this will be mounted with some for of adhesive applied directly to the back of the letter.

The Why

Just like any other tool, a mounting installation pattern or stencil guide is a tool that no sign professional would do without. For the average DIY person installing individual cut letters, having a mounting pattern to go by will be like hiring a professional sign installer, for a fraction of the labor cost. For mini letters however, a mounting pattern can be expensive and probably not something I would recommend due to the cost.

The How

If you have decided to choose a stud mount with a pattern then before you begin, note that the pattern will have each character numbered. You will find a corresponding number on the back of each metal letter and they MUST go in that position(1 to 1 and 2 to 2 etc), so sort and match first! While you are doing this go ahead and screw the metal threaded rods into each tapped hole. Now, take your pattern and tape it securely to the mounting surface. Using a heavy metal punch and hammer, mark each stud position through to the mounting surface. This avoids drilling through the pattern which may tear it. When all are marked, remove the pattern and drill holes 2" deep. Now coat each stud and fill each hole with adhesive and push the letter in to the wall. DONE!!!

Mounting patterns with stud locations cannot be made after the letters ship.

TIP: Whenever you are finished installing your letters, keep the install pattern in a safe place in case you ever need to move your sign!

Technical Drawings

Installation Instructions

The Stud Mount

About Installation Patterns