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  • Choose 1 of 13 real metal face designs
  • chemetal anodized color pallet
  • Doesn't just "look like" metal, IT IS REAL METAL!
  • Can be cut in any font or shape or from your artwork!
  • Typical 7 day production time
  • Metal letters at the price of plastic!


Typically ready to ship in 7 working days or less from the Iowa Plant


Design single or multi-line signs with different sizes, fonts and colors and get instant previews

You are not buying a sign, just individual letters and numbers to make the sign

 Step 1: Enter Letters, Numbers
Line 1
 Step 2: Depth
 Step 3: Size
 Step 4: Style/Font
 Step 5: Face Finish
 Step 6: Edge Color
Grain Direction for Brushed/Satin Finishes:       
Displays your letters in the chosen font
 Step 7:Mounting Hardware
Line 1
 Stud Length
 Wall Standoff
Installation Patterns are included with every order
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This Product

Metal face acrylic letters are the right choice for indoor reception areas, waiting rooms, wall of fame displays and anywhere that a high quality, real metal look is desired at the price of plastic. With 16 face finishes ranging from classic brushed aluminum, the rich look of polished brass, exhotic polished smoked aluminum, copper. bronze and more, this product has something for every taste. This product is 100% American made and provides you the quality you expect.

Our metal faced acrylic letters, numbers and logos are made by laminating the best quality acryic sheet to a 0.025" thick sheet of Chemetal anodized and pre-finished aluminum. We then cnc machine letters and logos from the sheet creating a 2 tone effect that adds dimension and durability to the letters. There are no better letters available today in this price range.


Mounting Hardware

no mount option


The no-mount option is for when you want to glue letters directly to a flat surface using some kind of adhesive such as silicon caulk or liquid nails. The problem with this type of installation is that glue tends to squeeze out the edges and it can get very messy. Also, until your glue sets the letters can move around and for large letters that means you need to use long strips of masking tape to hold them in place.

Double face tape option


Double sided tape can only be applied to letters up to 24" in height. If using this option then always use a liquid silicon caulk as well to protect the letters in case the tape should fail

Double face tape option


Plastic pad extending beyond back of letter, typical with plastic letters, install product direct to wall without having to drill any holes. Installed with use of a spacing guide. Silicone is a common adhesive to hold such letters.

stud in block option


This is the default stud mount. This option will have blocks glued to the backs of the letters that create a natural surface standoff of about 3/8" which can be enhanced by choosing a standoff length in the forms options. The blocks are drilled and tapped to accept studs(threaded rods) that get glued into holes drilled in the mounting surface. A drill mounting pattern is required.

combo mount option


The combo or combination mount differs from the combination all mount in that it only has stud THROUGH pads on the tops of the letters and standard PAD mounts on the bottoms. This mount is useful where you want to drill as few holes as possible and still have mounting rods(studs) in the wall. Installed by drilling holes for the stud through pad and adhering non stud pads directly to mounting surface. A drill mounting pattern is required.

combo-all mount option


The combination all mount is stud through pad on all points. This gives you adjustability on every stud and is useful for irregular surfaces such as corrugated metal buildings, lap siding, stone walls or anywhere you want a standoff form the wall that is adjustable during installation. A drill mounting pattern is required

flush stud mount option


Letters have to be at least 3/8" thick to drill and tap the holes but this mount is very secure since it does not rely on a glued block to hold the stud. This mount is best used without wall stand-off which will compromise the purpose of this mount which is to prevent theft. If you want stand-off you can select it also but allow for the stud length which should be 2" in the wall plus the length of the stand-off. Mounting pattern is required. See the section above for mounting to real brick or for more information.

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