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Fabricated reverse channel sign letters


Fabricated reverse channel sign letters


Fabricated reverse channel sign letters
When it comes to providing your customers the highest expectations for authentic appearance, durability and performance with low maintenance, look no farther than Alloy 304 or Alloy 316 stainless steel fabricated letters. Offering heavy-gauge construction, precision polished or brushed finishing, continuous lead-free joints — there’s little doubt that your solution will be considered ready for heavy-duty demands and an extended lifetime of performance. For marine, coastal regions or harsh-duty conditions, titanium coated or 316 stainless steel is available.
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 Enter Letters, Numbers
 Choose a Font
 Choose a Face Color
Size and Fonts are interactive. The bigger the size the more fonts become available. Not all fonts cost the same. Custom fonts email for quote.
 Mounting Options
 Stud Length
 Wall Standoff
 Mounting Pattern
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Displays your letters in the chosen font
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    Choosing between stainless steel and aluminum.

  • Strength and weight: Stainless steel is far stronger than aluminum, but about 2.5-times heavier. If size and weight are not a consideration, stainless is more durable and less likely to become dented, warped or scratched over the life of the sign. For larger signs, or where weight is a factor, aluminum is a proven performer.
  • Size range: The new precision fabricated stainless steel letters can be produced to your required size as small as 2” high, and depths up to 2”, and with our new manufacturing technology — with very narrow letter strokes — down to 3/8”. Precision fabricated steel letters are designed for applications up to 36” high. Aluminum fabricated letters start at 16” high and extend to as tall as ten feet!
  • Material price: While raw material prices can vary and are affected by construction and finishing options, fabricated aluminum letters and signs are generally the most affordable choice from a material standpoint. Corrosion resistance: While our alloy #5052 aluminum provides exceptional corrosion resistance and hardness, stainless steel offers the highest levels of corrosion resistance. In marine, coastal or harsh applications, our 316 stainless steel or titanium coated is advised.
  • Finish: Both metals can be painted standard or custom colors, but the rich beauty of brushed stainless steel cannot be duplicated. In addition, polished stainless offers a rich looking option for your true high end interior application.
  • Natural beauty of stainless steel — no clear coating
  • Prefinished — corrosion-resistant metal — will not tarnish
  • Precision fabricated sizes from 2” high to 36” high
  • Industry-leading narrow letter strokes as small as 3/8”
  • Standard returns from 1/2” to 6”
  • Lead-free continuous soldered joints
  • Polished face and returns, brushed or painted options
  • Titanium coating option

image of finishes available

    Alloy & Coating Options

  • Fabricated Stainless Steel letters are available in multiple alloys and coatings. All sheet is pre-finished to exacting specifications – designed to withstand most typical external sign installations. Stainless alloys 304 and 316 both offer excellent resistance to oxidizing acids and harsh environments. Coastal marine applications may require use of 316, as it is more resistant to harsh salty conditions.
  • Titanium coated 304 stainless performs well in harsh environments and also withstands extensive Salt Fog tests and UV tests, using in-house testing equipment. All alloys and coatings are fully tested to meet or exceed the requirements of Salt Fog test, ASTM-B117-95 and Xenon UV test, SAE J1960.
  • Fabricated Aluminum letters are available painted, brushed or anodized, using aluminum alloy 5052. All painted letters are coated with Acrylic Polyurethane that is hardened and oven cured. Brushed letters are produced with a low-gloss clear coat. Anodized have no clear coat.

Aligns the display output(below) either left, right or center justified. This image is passed along in your order. Alignment requires 2 or more lines of text. TIP: You can also indent text by using spaces before and after the text to move the line text to the left or right.

Sets a background to the preview so that you can judge the text color against a background color. Backgrounds are not provided in the order. All letters come as individual letters or numbers. We do not make the sign, we help you to make your sign.

This product is size and font dependent. Small sizes, usually under 12 inches in standard block styles may not be able to be fabricated and lit. While we want to offer as many choices as possible you need to be aware that the bigger the opening in the back of the letter is, the more likely it is to be producd in that size or style. When choosing 6" to 12" letters please us big blocky fonts, non serif(sans serif) and no scripts.

To install LED in the backs of these letters and produce a good halo effect we need to have at least 1" of depth. The smaller the letter size is the harder it becomes to fabricate and populate with LED for a good effect. The larger the letter size the more depth options will become available but keep in mind that more depth adds more cost.

This product is size and font dependent. Small sizes, usually under 12 inches in standard block styles may not be able to be fabricated and lit. While we want to offer as many choices as possible you need to be aware that the bigger the opening in the back of the letter is, the more likely it is to be producd in that size or style. When choosing 6" to 12" letters please us big blocky fonts, non serif(sans serif) and no scripts.

Type in the letters, numbers and punctuation, exactly as you want it to read when you make your sign. For multiple line signs, there are 3 other lines that will become available. What you type is what you will get. If lower case letters typed and the size is too small or lower case is not available in the chosen font, those letters will automatically convert to upper case and should convert back again when you change the height or size to something that has availability. What you type here will display in the preview area to the left along with correct real world dimensions. All letters are sent to you as individual letters and numbers, not as a ready made sign.

If you only want a series of numbers or numbers and letters for doors, then type them all in on line 1. Separate with a space but do not add comma's There is no need to add one number for each line.

If you want larger leading capitals in a phrase then you have to add the larger caps on a separate line.

This product is made from Stainless Steel and has several finish options available. For coastal areas you should choose Alloy 316 over Alloy 304. Gold, Copper, Bronze and Black metal finishes have a Titanium coating and are premium priced. The PAINTED tab gives you a choice of standard painted finishes to choose from or if you need a spacific painted color matched to Pantone, Sherwin Williams or PPG paints then we can do that for $20.00 per color matching fee. To have this option please provide the pantone or SW matching number in the comments box at checkout and we will add the extra charge and send you a confirmation.

For halo lighted letters, the optimal standoff from the wall surface is 1.5". Your letters come from the factory with stud mounts to provide this optimal standoff and no other options are available except the detachable stud mount system which are factory quoted and cannot be configured for purchase online. If you want the optional detachable studs then please leave a note in checkout comments and we will email you when we have the price back from the factory and you can choose to upgrade or not.

The factory recommends 2" of stud in the wall plus the amount of wall standoff desired, if any. In most cases it is best to leave this option at factory set unless you know you want longer studs for a special purpose installation

Wall standoff refers to how far you want the back of the letters to be from the surface you are mounting them on. The factory will calculate the correct stud length and if choosing this option then it's best to leave the stud length at factory set.

Mounting patterns are expensive. We sell ours at what the factory charges us. The best way to think about the cost of a pattern is to consider what it costs to have a professional install the letters for you and then the cost of the pattern doesn't seem nearly so bad. A pattern takes care of alignment, correct letter and word spacing and where to drill holes for studs. For professional results, the average non-professional needs a pattern. Even the pro's buy the pattern. Patterns are not the item to cut costs with.

This product is not made for LED Lighting and does not require a closed back. Adding a back is mostly labor intensive because the letters now require "L" brackets added and different stud mount types. The back itself is not an exact puzzle fit because its designed to keep out birds and their nests. Choosing this option can add a lot of money to the letter cost, especially in small sizes.