Artwork Requirements

We require 2D vector artwork for all cutting operations. The preferred format is .eps or .ai made with adobe illustrator. All fonts used should be embedded in the file or the file should have been converted to outlines. Please remove any shading effects before sending.

Adobe illustrator files .ai .eps .pdf

vector outline artwork example

The image above shows how text is drawn when using programs like illustrator to create them. The squares are control points which connect the lines and curves that make up the letter shape. They can be manipulated and scaled infinitely without loss. All fonts are created this way by default which is why you can scale them in different point sizes.

Autocad and Corel Draw (.dxf .dwg .cdr)

Autocad is a 3d modeling program preferred by architects for drawing complex designs. For text or simple 2d graphics, autocad is overkill and should not be used. Even when you convert a native autocad file to illustrator format it is rarely usable since it draws text in hundreds of segmented straight lines to produce a corner.

Images (.jpg, .png, .tiff, gif)

While images are useful for us to see what you have in mind for your project, they cannot be used for cutting material. If all you have is an image then send it along but if you are trying to get a quote from it, we will need you to provide more information. Depending on the product or material you want it made from we will need to know the following:

  • The size of the tallest capital letter. If no capitals, then the tallest letter
  • If there is a graphic or logo, the overall width and height of the assembled graphic
  • The depth or thickness (front to back) the letters/logo will be
  • The finish or color desired.
  • Whether you require mounting hardware and mounting pattern

Word documents and Powerpoint

Do not send this type of document. We will not open them as they pose a security risk

Links to resources on the cloud

We will not click on links as they pose a security risk