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What you need to know about Metal on Acrylic Letters


  1. Metal Face Acrylic sign letters and logos are made in Iowa and have a lead time of 7 days plus shipping time.
  2. We utilize thin sheets (.025") of decorative anodized aluminum sheet that are laminated under heat and pressure to an acrylic substrate.
  3. Due to the Type 1 Anodizing process used metal on acrylic sign letters may fade or run color if used outdoor. Laminated metal sign letters are considered stable for indoor use only and the factory warranty will be void if installed outdoors
  4. Metal laminate cannot be cut by laser or waterjet and must be mechanically cut using CNC router tooling. This is the reason the letter size starts at 3" although 2" can be cut depending on the font and thickness. Email or chat if you require 2" size.
  5. Chemetal Corp makes hundreds of laminate sheet colors, patterns and textures which can also be cut into letters but require us to special order which takes time and will cost more. This option is not available on small orders. For more information on available colors visit Chemetal Corp
  6. For outdoor use we recommend using solid cut metals or Cast Metals. Visit the Metal menu here

Where to Use

Metal face acrylic is a display letter that is widely used in many large and small businesses behind the reception desk. You will often see this type of letter displayed on the reception wall of major hotel chains, medical clinics and small professional firms. They can also be used on honor walls, waiting areas, conference rooms and just about anywhere indoors that require the timeless look of metal letters.

Laminate Vs Solid Metal

Laminated Metal On Acrylic sign letters never tarnish, never need clear coats and are at least 50-60% less cost than solid metal. I think that says it all!

This Product

Metal face acrylic letters are the right choice for indoor reception areas, waiting rooms, wall of fame displays and anywhere that a high quality, real metal look is desired at the price of plastic. With 16 face finishes ranging from classic brushed aluminum, the rich look of polished brass, exhotic polished smoked aluminum, copper. bronze and more, this product has something for every taste. This product is 100% American made and provides you the quality you expect.

Our metal faced acrylic letters, numbers and logos are made by laminating the best quality acryic sheet to a 0.025" thick sheet of Chemetal anodized and pre-finished aluminum. We then cnc machine letters and logos from the sheet creating a 2 tone effect that adds dimension and durability to the letters. There are no better letters available today in this price range.


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