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Created from CAB, a cotton fiber based plastic, Injection Molded plastic letters, numbers and logos have the sharp edge look of cut or cast letters with the low cost of plastic.  These sharp letters come in a wide array of painted colors and are ready to ship in just 1-2 business days!


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About Injection Molded "Minnesota Letters", from Gemini Sign Products.

A picture of an injection molded plastic letter
Injection Molded "Minnesota" letters are made from the same CAB material used in vacuum formed plastic letters. Injection molding produces sharp edge returns that simulate the look of more expensive cast letters but with the cost of plastic. These letters come in a variety of standard colors and 6 different letter styles with sizes up to 24"

Depending on letter or number size, the depths of Injection Molded Plastic Letters can go from 3/8" all the way to 1.5". These letters are the right choice for any environment whether it be the arid South Western States, the humid South Eastern States or the Northern States where temperatures can drop to sub zero. These all weather plastic letters carry a manufacturer\s lifetime warrantee against fading cracking and chipping.

Prices are very reasonable too since the manufacturing process uses cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB), a cotton based fiber plastic that is totally "green" and free of any petroleum base. This makes the product extremely resilient and does not harden and crack like normal plastics do when left outside.

Like anything left permanently outside, occasional maintenance is always a good idea. Once a year, check all the mounting hardware to make sure it is firmly attached to the building. Make repairs as necessary and should you need to replace a failed letter, just send us an email with a picture of the failure, your name and address and your original order number and we will have the factory make a new one and ship it to you at no charge. Cleaning the letters should also be done as needed. A simple soapy water solution is all that is required to bring your letters, numbers and logos back to their original sparkling condition.
Picture of a plain no mount letter
NO MOUNTS: This option should be avoided if possible since all molded letters are hollow in the back and cannot easily be mounted. All sizes and styles of fonts have some kind of hardware mount except the 2" Architectural Bevel Face Font so if you choose that font at 2" the only options are to either fill the back with expanding foam or with silicon. Never screw through the face as you will most likely crack the plastic and will void the warranty.

Picture of a letter with a pad mount
PAD MOUNTS: Couple of issues with pad mounts. They can be messy to install since they employ some form of glue spread on the perforated pad. When sticking to your sign they will also need to be secured with masking tape for a while. That is easy on a dry flat surface like drywall where masking tape will stick to, but try it on stucco or brick and good luck! Second is letter alignment because the patterns available are not really designed for this type of mount. Last, due to the diameter of the pads you may see them beyond the letter when viewing straight on and especially so from the side.

Picture of a letter with stud mounting hardware

Picture of how to measure for a stud for brick mount

Picture of a letter showing how to mount it away from the wall
STUD MOUNT: Studs, also known as pins, are threaded rods that screw into threaded holes in the backs of the letters. On material less than 3/8" thick, we use a mounting block glued to the back of the letter to accept the threaded stud. This also gives a letter stand-off of about 1/4 to 1/2". The stud is an aluminum threaded rod and can be ordered in various lengths starting at 1".

Mounting is as simple as drilling holes into a wall, drywall, brick masonry, wood, stucco etc; , filling the holes with silicon caulk, liquid nails, epoxy or even mortar, and then pushing one into the other. For this operation a mounting pattern is highly recommended or you will not know where to drill the holes. Studs can also be passed through a substrate to allow for nuts and washers to be attached to the back.

If you are mounting to a real brick wall and do not want to drill into the bricks, select the stud for brick option and we can drill the threaded holes in rows along the backs of the letters that are equal distance apart based on the measurement you choose from the Stud for Brick" option.

And finally, don't overdo the standoff option. Just because you can do something does not mean you should and many novice installers really go overboard with this thinking it gives the letters definition and shadow. In reality it just reveals all that non finished hardware behind the letters and makes it easy for people to steal. Heck, they don't even need to bring a pry bar! Mounting pattern is required.

Picture of a letter with combination type mounting hardware
COMBINATION MOUNT : For uneven use on lap siding, slopes or even just to avoid having to drill so many holes, the combination mount is so called because it is a combination of the pad mount and the stud mount. At the tops of each letter, an adjustable stud through pad allows for adjustability away from the surface while the bottom of the letter has fixed pads. Drill holes only for the top studs which anchor to the wall and then the bottoms get your favorite adhesive and surface mount to the wall. Mounting pattern is required.

Picture of a letter with combination all mounting hardware
COMBINATION ALL : This mount provides stud through pads on each location. The pads screw up and down the studs and can be configured for stand-off, lap siding, ribbed metal buildings and other uneven surfaces. Mounting is as for the stud mount and the combination mount. Mounting pattern is required.

Picture of a letter with an adjustable pad mounting hardware
ADJUSTABLE PADS : Same basic mount as the pad mount except it does provide a small amount of adjustment on each pad to allow for uneven or lapped surfaces.
Painted Plastic Colors
image of the painted colors available
Due to the high cost of the precision metal molds required to produce Injection molded letters, we are not able to offer any custom fonts other than the ones advertised. We do add new fonts occassionally but unfortunatly we cannot take orders for custom fonts or sizes in this product. If you need a custom font or size, please look at the vacuum formed plastics which do offer custom forming for fonts and sizes that are not on our list. Vacuum formed plastic letters have sizes up to 48 inch, many with lowercase and currently boasts 80+ standard font styles. You should check this page out first.
Videos Courtesy of Gemini Inc.
Please note these videos cover many types of letters that may not be applicable to the products on this page.
The correct place to start is where you intend to mount your letters. Visualize how much space your sign will take up, then measure the space. If you are in a city and this is an outdoor sign it is wise to find out if you will need a permit from the city. Some cities have strict rules on signage, how much space they will allow in terms of square feet, the type of sign, how it will be mounted and what it is made of. These are the first steps. The next step is the difficulty factor. Most people do not have man lifting equipment to work at high levels. Ladders may not be safe considering the work to be done. You should determine if the savings you will get by buying the letters and self installing is worth the cost of renting a lift and the hazards involved. If in doubt, stop, get your local yellow pages out and call a professional sign company.

When you buy your letters, numbers and logos directly from a manufacturer or distributor, it is assumed that you will be installing the products yourself. In this regard you are acting as your own sign company with all the benefits and pitfalls that might entail. Essentially, the average DIY handy person can easily install their own sign as long as it is at ground level. Our mounting patterns take all the guesswork out of it but it is essential that you get all your ducks in a row before you decide to buy the letters.While on the subject of sign companies it should be said that many sign companies do not want to install letters unless they have supplied them. It is a warranty issue for them and it is also a money issue since they make money on the purchase of sign letters for your project. If you intend to have a sign company involved, do yourself a favor and let them do the entire job.