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Gemlite halo lighted plastic letter


Two part Molded plastic letters with LED


Products usually ship in 15 working days


Design single or multi-line signs with different sizes, fonts and colors and get instant previews

 Step 1: Enter Letters/Numbers
Line 1
 Step 2: Style/Font
 Step 3 Size  | Depth


 Step 4: Return
Displays your letters in the chosen font
Line 1
 LED Color 
 Face Color 
 Edge Color 
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Mounting Studs, Installation Pattern and Power Packs are included with every order

Definitions and Ordering Help


  • While it is possible to have more than one color on some variations the price would be much greater. For instance, on halo backlighted letters, the edge and face color could be painted differently but it would add another 30% to the cost due to paint masking. If this is desired it would need to be done as a custom addition. Call or email for details.


  • Bright White 6000K is a very bright white. This is best used outdoors
  • Warm White 3000K is best to use indoors where a bright white might overpower the wall
  • Colors Red, Blue & Green when used on face lighted letters correspond to the color of the lens(face) ordered. A red or orange face needs red LED, green for green and blue for blue. White can be used for white or yellow face lenses.

Return Style

  • G100, G200 and G300 have 2 types of edge returns available. The stepped edge leaves some of the backplate showing while the full depth edge allows the face plate to fit seamlessly over the backplate. The stepped edge is cheaper and is the default selection.
  • picture of stepped return
    Picture of full depth return


  • Power packs are supplied to power the LED modules. They are hardwired units not plug-in. If you don't need LED then you should consider the non-lighted, cheaper version found here.

Mounting Hardware

  • When ordered as halo lighted, the letters will come with stud mounting hardware for the factory recommended standoff to create the optimal halo effect. When ordered as face or edge lighted only they are normally secured to either a flat wall, wooden board or your provided raceway. Screws should be used to secure the back part of the letters by screwing through the backplate into the mounting surface. Screws are not supplied.