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What you need to know about cut aluminum letters


  1. Solid aluminum is pricy and not needed indoors. For indoor use on a budget consider one of the options on THIS page
  2. Solid sheet cut aluminum thickness 1/8" and 1/4" are the same price.
  3. Minimum size in waterjet cut aluminum is 1". We do offer 1/2" and greater in Precisioned Machined Metal Mini Letters at greater cost
  4. Double face tape adds $6.25 per letter and is only available up to 6" letter height. We do not recommend this COSTLY addon.
  5. Material thickness over 3/8" thick can get pricy. Consider Cast Aluminum as an alternative.
  6. Polished, Anodized or Rust Powdercoat finishes require a stud mount for production. STUDS ARE NOT THE STUDS IN YOUR WALL! Studs are lengths of all-threaded rod that screw into the back of the letter with the other end embedded into your wall with liquid nails, silicon or epoxy. For 1/8" thick material where it is too thin to drill and tap the back of the letter we use a welded stud and require a minimum letter size of 3". For 1/4" or more material thickness we use the removable screw in stud which can be done on 2" letter size.
  7. Restrictions may apply to letters and logos over 24 inches tall.
  8. For indoor use on a budget consider Metal Face Acrylic Letters. Far cheaper than solid aluminum!

Coastal Areas, Marine and Humidity

Installing aluminum in coastal or humid climates can lead to corrosion over time and change the sign's appearance. Coastal areas or Marine installation on watercraft should only be considered when using anodized finishes which provides more durability. For marine use on boats we recommend Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Anodized Aluminum Letters

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that modifies the surface of the aluminum into a decorative, durable finish. This process is only microns deep and care must be taken to not scratch the surface as that will lead to corrosion. Anodizing is only applicable to aluminum and creates weather-resistant and UV-resistant letters that will not crack or peel. Color consistency can be variable across batches because it is an electrochemical reaction that imparts the color into the surface and timing is critical. For best results and color consistency you should not order partial batches. Order together to ensure color consistency and delivery. Max. one piece: 46.5" x 84"

Painted Aluminum Letters

Painted aluminum letters and logos are brushed and bead-blasted to remove any imperfections before painting. The metal grain direction may be visible through the paint when viewed up close but is not typically visible to the casual eye. If you are concerned about this please make a note in the comments section during checkout.

Polished Aluminum Letters

Aluminum letters and logos can be polished to a smooth glossy luster with a mirror-like appearance. Polishing is only done on the face. The edges will have a decorative bead-blasted finish. The metal will have a mirror-like appearance, but grit lines may show when viewed at certain angles and up close at eye level. Grit lines will not be visible once the sign is installed.

Random Orbit, Random Arc

All of these finishes can also be anodized at extra cost. To order one of these finishes with anodizing you would select one of the brushed anodized colors which will set the correct price. At checkout in comments tell us which finish (Random Orbit or Random Arc) to apply to the base metal

Cut Aluminum is offered in sizes from 1" and up to 1" thick. Aluminum can come satin brushed, Polished, Painted or Anodized. Anodizing is a chemical process that hardens the micro thin top layer of the aluminum to leave it impervious to weather and the effects of oxidation. Anodized letters do not require clear coating to keep them from tarnishing outdoors or indoors. Polished aluminum achieves a near mirror finish for those of you that want your letters to shine brightly. Polishing can also be done on anodized finishes.