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Hand fabricated using 16 to 24 gauge Stainless Steel Sheet

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Definitions and Ordering Help


  • Script, thin or curly fonts are not good candidates for production with LED sign letters.
  • Custom fonts are available when they meet minimum production guidelines. In general ANY custom font will be the same price as similar fonts found on the list.

Size, Depth & Finish

  • The larger the size, the more depth is available.
  • Pricing is determined by Size, Depth and Finish
  • Minimum size is 6". Sizes over 36" Email for quote with details on font, size, finish
  • Titanium coatings & Marine Grade Stainless 316 cost 30% more than 304 Stainless
  • Titanium coated finishes (Gold, Copper, Bronze & Black) are restricted to 24" or less
  • Titanium coatings are impervious to weather and require little maintenence.


  • "NO LED" means you will get letters that are LED Ready without any LED modules, power packs or wires. This option is for those that want to supply their own LED modules and wiring and purchase letters that are ready for LED. For halo lighting, the LED modules are affixed to the lexan back with the LED facing into the back of the letter. The inside of the letter is painted gloss white at the factory and will reflect the light back through the lexan back to provide a halo effect.

    On face lighted letters you will mount your LED modules to the inside back plate of the can so that the LED module is facing the colored acrylic face.

Mounting Hardware

  • Face lighted letters come with the appropriate mounting hardware for this type of letter. They can be flush mounted to walls with studs or by running screws through the back of the letters into walls or raceways. If you need special mounting hardware then either tell us about them in the comments box during checkout or email/call us. This is the optimum distance from the wall to create the halo effect. These stainless steel LED lit sign letters cannot be free standing or rail mounted. The optimum background color will be dark and not glossy.


Fabricated reverse channel sign letters
Factory Installed L.E.D. modules included!
Beautiful stainless steel face lighted sign letters.


Fabricated Face Lighted channel sign letters

Our durable and attractive fabricated stainless steel channel letters with illuminated acrylic faces make a dramatic statement and provide outstanding low-light visibility. Get the exact combination of daylight and nighttime colors you want with a broad selection of translucent acrylic in letter heights from 6” to 36”. The stainless steel return provides a sophisticated look and depth. Comes with a polycarbonate backing with the brilliance of integrated LEDs included as part of this letter package.