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Factory Installed L.E.D. modules included!


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Production Times:

Standard Fonts about 5-6 Business Days.

Custom Fonts about 10-12 Business Days.

UL Certified GemLite letters are produced with a two-part construction – faces and cans. Both components are formed with UV stable, CAB plastic that has been certified by UL for lit letters. Face lit letters are produced with a translucent material that is custom designed for LED lighting. Typical backs are formed in white to better reflect the LED lights. LEDs are secured to the backs with double faced tape and special hold down blocks. Average letter depths are recommended to be 2”-2-1/2”deep with a minimum stroke of around 1-1/4”.

Mounting Options

GemLite letters are designed to be mounted directly onto walls or raceways. Letters will be sent without any mounting hardware, as each installation requirement is unique. Typical letter backs are screwed to the mounting surface or installed with bolts, nuts and washers. Holes will need to be drilled through letter backs for installation. Lead wires (or cables), and lead wire holes will be provided with all letters filled with LEDs. UL required weep holes will be provided in all letter drops. GemLite letters are not provided with ground wires as you cannot ground plastic.

UL Certified

All GemLite letters with LEDs are supplied with UL sign section labels, LEDs, Lead wires or cables, power supplies, and UL wiring diagrams and instructions. Based on your install requirements, extra wiring and supplies will be required.

Not Included:

Electrical field wire, connectors, raceways, enclosures, hardware. All field wiring shall be 14 awg, stranded wire.

Standard GemLite Letters

The six most requested GemLite letter styles can be produced without the need of any custom art files - formed molds are in-stock, ready to produce letters for you in just a few days. These common round face styles are now available produced with or without LEDs. Should you need a unique style or size you can select from the custom fonts menu or provide a font or artwork. **Not all fonts can be made in all sizes.


Chrome finish for LED illumination

Our translucent silver Chrome finishes offer a stunning look for GemLite letters. By day, they stand out with the popular look of brushed or polished silver chrome. When illuminated at night, they shine with an effervescent white “halo” look created by a partially shaded face.



Aligns the display output(below) either left, right or center justified. This image is passed along in your order. Alignment requires 2 or more lines of text. TIP: You can also indent text by using spaces before and after the text to move the line text to the left or right.

Sets a background to the preview so that you can judge the text color against a background color. Backgrounds are not provided in the order. All letters come as individual letters or numbers. We do not make the sign, we help you to make your sign.

This product is size and font dependent. Size is based on the height in inches(and optional fraction of an inch if custom fonts are selected) of an Uppercase letter. When no uppercase letters are being ordered the height of the ascending lowercase letters such as "b-d-f-h-l-t" and the descending letters "g-p-y" are normally the same height as a capital if it were present. Body lowercase such as "a-e-o-m-u" are normally 2/3rds the uppercase height and we automatically calculate these at 90% cost of the uppercase letter.

This product is size and font dependent. Small sizes, usually under 12 inches in standard block styles may not be able to be molded and lit. While we want to offer as many choices as possible you need to be aware that the bigger the opening in the back of the letter is, the more likely it is to be producd in that size or style. When choosing 9" to 12" letters please use big blocky fonts, non serif(sans serif) and no scripts.

Type in the letters, numbers and punctuation, exactly as you want it to read when you make your sign. For multiple line signs, there are 3 other lines that will become available. What you type is what you will get. If lower case letters typed and the size is too small or lower case is not available in the chosen font, those letters will automatically convert to upper case and should convert back again when you change the height or size to something that has availability. What you type here will display in the preview area to the left along with correct real world dimensions. All letters are sent to you as individual letters and numbers, not as a ready made sign.

If you only want a series of numbers or numbers and letters for doors, then type them all in on line 1. Separate with a space but do not add comma's There is no need to add one number for each line.

If you want larger leading capitals in a phrase then you have to add the larger caps on a separate line.

All colors listed are specially formulated for L.E.D. light penetration and there are no other colors on offer at this time. Chrome letters look like a normal chrome letter during the day but light up at night with a white glow. This product does not allow for both face lighting and halo lighting but the traditional face type does allow some of the edge to light up as well as the face.

Mounting patterns are expensive. We sell ours at what the factory charges us. The best way to think about the cost of a pattern is to consider what it costs to have a professional install the letters for you and then the cost of the pattern doesn't seem nearly so bad. A pattern takes care of alignment, correct letter and word spacing and where to drill holes for studs. For professional results, the average non-professional needs a pattern. Even the pro's buy the pattern. Patterns are not the item to cut costs with.

The profile of a letter is how the face is formed. It can be FLAT meaning it is 90 degrees to the edge and then goes flat across to the other edge. A Round face has a face that is rounded from edge to edge and a prismatic or bevel face will peak in the center of the face, like a "A" type roof.