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Montana Lettering Inc
  • affordable leather Co.Vacuum Formed Plastic 12" Times Bold Italic in Duronodic Bronze
  • Alabama GolfSolid Aluminum Custom A with painted inset and satin brushed plus regular 1/4" painted aluminum letters.
  • American Grilled Cheese KitchenA large reverse cut brushed aluminum plate with the letters cut away, backed with black acrylic.
  • Bling by bouvierMetal Faced Acrylic letters in Brush Script with a smoked aluminum metal face. The letters were further embellished with "bling" by the customer
  • Castle Creek EntranceA large W made from Hot Rolled Steel and painted Flat Black
  • Chalfont at Hunters Creek Orlando FloridaLetters and Hawk cut from 1/4" Aluminum in Old English Font, painted white.
  • ChicagoChicago letters in silver mirror acrylic.
  • Down to Earth Farmers MarketCut from 1/2" acrylic and painted Black with custom Logo
  • Florida Community BankLarge Tree logo and letters cut from 1/2" acrylic, painted in the Banks custom Pantone logo Colors
  • Fort Madison Historical Society Restoration ProjectWe were asked to reproduce the inset image from the 1950's for the historical society's restoration project. We used several programs to determine the correct size and hand traced the original letters. Cut from 1/4" aluminum, painted White.
  • Corporate Rewards1/4" painted Aluminum in several colors
  • Harvest House1/2" painted acrylic letters with a custom cut wheat stalk painted in brilliant gold.
  • Inspired 2 Dance - Troy Tapia SignsWe cut this from 3/16" acrylic with 3/8" standoff, painted in Violet and Purple.
  • University of San DiegoQualcomm Conference Center, cut from 1/4" thick solid aluminum, painted Black
  • University of San Diego More 1/4" black aluminum letters for UC San Diego
  • University of San Diego Jacobs Hall, yet another successful job for the University
  • Jehovah Year Text Every year around Christmas time we get charged with cutting another religious phrase for the church. Cut from 3" and 2" tall Natural acrylic in the Garamond font style
  • keys to the LakeCorporate Logo cut from Metal Faced Acrylic letters with a polished brass face.
  • lee lees forestMinimalistic approach for this upscale Ny Boutique. Cut from standard white acrylic. The Bicycle adds a a nice touch.
  • Mirage from Troy Tapia SignsYet another great design and installation from Troy, cut from 3/16" acrylic and painted in custom PMS colors.
  • never to  late to be a cowboySome indoor baltic birch wooden letters, painted in gloss black adorn the entrance way to this theme restaurant
  • Corporate Recognition WallMetal Faced acrylic letters added just the right appeal to this recognition wall without a large cost.
  • old florida lumber coCut from solid copper and left to age, this was exactly the look they were going for.
  • Park Immigration ServicesReception areas are perfect for our metal faced acrylic letters to add a touch of class.
  • A River Of Our OwnCut from 1/8" aluminum and painted black with 1/2" standoffs.
  • Royal T from Troy Tapia SignsCut from 3/16" acrylic, 3/8" standoff and painted tastefully in the corporate custom colors, yet another great installation from Troy Tapia of Louisianna
  • St John ChrysostomA mixture of Vacuum Formed and Injection Molded Plastic letters from Gemini Inc.
  • Sugar & Spice - Troy Tapia LouisiannaMaking Louisianna mor beautiful every day, yet another great design and installation from Troy


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Metal Face Acrylic polished aluminum

If you are looking for display letters for reception areas, honor walls, waiting rooms, foyers and other interior areas, Look no further than our Metal Faced Acrylic letters. With 13 different metal finishes and low prices, you cannot go wrong.

Cut Acrylic Letters and Numbers

The low cost workhorse of sign letters. Indoor or outdoor, Painted or Natural Pigmented, acrylic is the low cost leader for all your sign projects wher a solid color is preferred.

Gemleaf letters and numbers from Gemini

Gemleaf uses a faux laminated face finish with metal, marble and wood looks. Unlike metal faced acrylic which uses real anodized metal on the face, gemleaf is similar to goldleafing without using real gold. Great for office doors or nameplates.


Vacuum formed plastic letters from Gemini

For outdoor signs where you want large letters, low cost and deep returns, vacuum formed plastic letters, numbers and Logos are ideal. Great for Store Fronts, Marquee's, Building Numbers, Car Washes and anywhere where you want bold signage that lasts a lifetime and has a low cost when compared to flat cut letters.

Injection Molded Minnesota Letters from Gemini

Injection molding produces sharp edge returns that can look like Cast Metal Letters but at the cost of plastic. Made from the same material used in vacuum formed plastic letters, these letters carry a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Chrome plastic letters from Gemini

Building on the success of vacuum formed plastic letters, Gemini laminates chrome film to their plastic sheets and then forms them over molds under high pressure. The resulting letter has a fully chrome finish by day and can also be illuminated internally with LED's to glow white at night.

LED Lightable Plastic Letters from Gemini

Vacuum Formed in 2 parts, these letters can be filled with LED Modules and provide lighted letters for store fronts and marquees. A new chrome finish is also available for this type of letter that is chrome by day and lights up white at night.


Aluminum letters and numbers

Cut Aluminum can be finished in many ways and is perfect for outdoor or indoor use when you want solid metal. Finishes come in Satin Brushed, Polished, clear or colored anodized and painted, and the best part of cut metal letters is that we can cut virtually any shape, size or font.

Solid Brass Letters from Gemini

Brass letters and numbers can be Polished, Brushed or Oxidized. Cut from top quality Naval Brass, these letters provide a sense of permenence for any company that invests in their timeless beauty.

Solid Bronze letters from Gemini

Bronze letters and numbers can be Polished, Brushed, Oxidized or come with a Blue Green Patina. Cut from top quality Commercial Bronze Plate, these letters provide a sense of permenence for any company that invests in their timeless beauty.

Solid Copper Letters from Gemini

Solid copper letters are made from pure copper plate and can come in polished, satin or left uncoated to weather into the black blue patina we are so familiar with. Copper letters come in many sizes and can be cut in any font.

Stainless Steel letters from Gemini

Stainless Steel letters and numbers have amazing weather-ability. We use both 304 Stainless and the more resilient 316 alloy for marine and salt water applications. Sizes from 1" to 48" and up to 1/2" thick can be cut in any font.

Rusty looking Letters and Numbers

Plain steel letters that are left to rust naturally will give you that rich red scale appearance over time. Can be cut in any font and sizes up to 48"


Cast Aluminum letters and numbers

Cast Aluminum letters and numbers are made by pouring molten aluminum into sand molds. This produces a casting that is deeper and cheaper than cutting from solid sheet. Choose from 40 plus pre defined fonts and sizes or ask about custom casting for your special font or logo

Cast Bronze Letters from Gemini

Cast Bronze letters and numbers are made by pouring molten bronze into sand molds. Cast bronze can be polished to look like gold and provides greater depth and the ability to make prismatic or rounded letters. Cast Bronze can also be custom cast for your special project.

LED Lightable Fabricated Letters & Numbers

Fabricated, reverse channel letters are hand made from stainless steel and titanium coated stainless steel. These letters can be populated with LED Modules to provide halo backlighting by night , and during the day, spectacular stainless steel finishes in brushed, polished or painted finishes. 6 Styles to choose from.