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cut stainless steel sign letters


cut stainless steel sign letters

Rusted Cor-Ten® Steel Sign Letters and Cutout

Painted stainless steel Sign for Marquee entrance to Hunters Creek subdivision
Utilizing powerful waterjet and laser technology, both stainless steel sign letters and Cor-Ten®; architectural grade rusting steel can be cut in intricate detail in sizes from 1" to 46". For regular use we offer the standard “18/8” stainless; C304 grade which is the most versatile and most widely used stainless steel for sign letters and numbers. For marine and coastal ares we recommend 316 grade stainless steels. The molybdenum gives 316 better overall corrosion resistant properties than C304, particularly higher resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride environments.


All letters come individual. We do not make the sign, we help you to make the sign
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Production Times:

Ready to Ship in about 10 Business Days.

Stainless Steel letters offer the widest variety of sizes with letter sizes ranging from just 1" to 46" in depths starting at 1/8" and incrementally rising up to 1/2". Whether your project calls for an antique rusted look or a clean medical look, steel letters and numbers can fit the bill. Our stainless and cor-ten steel letters all receive the highest marks in quality to withstand the harshest environments and carry a manufacturers lifetime warranty.

Mounting Hardware

cut stainless steel letters with no mount

The no-mount option is for when you want to glue letters directly to a flat surface using some kind of adhesive such as silicon caulk or liquid nails. The problem with this type of installation is that glue tends to squeeze out the edges and it can get very messy. Also, until your glue sets the letters can move around and for large letters that means you need to use long strips of masking tape to hold them in place.

cut stainless steel letters with double face tape on the back

Due to liability issues, double sided tape can only be applied to letters up to 6" in height. If using this option then always use a liquid silicon caulk as well to protect the letters in case the tape should fail

cut stainless steel letters with welded studs

Welded studs are only applied to 1/8" thick letters. All steel letters thicker than that will get a drilled and tapped hole for screw in studs. Studs also known as pins, are threaded rods that get glued into holes drilled in the mounting surface. A stud mount of one form or another is required when ordering Polished letters because the manufacturing process cannot be done without them. All stud type mounts require a mounting pattern to properly locate where to drill for the studs.

cut stainless steel letters with stud mounting hardware

The most popular mount with cut metal letters is the stud mount. Stainless steel letters and numbers with removable or screw in studs, have been drilled and tapped on the back of the letter to accept the stud. The stud then gets glued into your mounting surface with silicon caulk or epoxy and holds the letters firmly in place. All stud type mounts require a mounting pattern to properly locate where to drill for the studs. A stud mount of one form or another is required when ordering Polished because the manufacturing process cannot be done without them.

cut stainless steel letters with bottom mounted studs

The bottom stud (or top or both!) gives you tapped holes in the edge of the letters for mounting in a vertical configuration. Metal letters have to be at least 3/8" thick to drill the holes and the letters have a minimum height of 4" Round letters will have flat bottoms and the same applies to top drilled letters. Metal letters 8" or more must by code have tie backs when used outside. We do not supply tie backs.

cut stainless steel letters mounted to a bottom rail

Maximum length of rail is 8ft and not available for letters greater than 24" or less than 4". Metal letters are bolted through the rail into their edge and can be done either on the bottom, the top or both by request. This ordering form only provides a single rail on the bottom of the letters. For additional options please contact us for a quote.

cut stainless steel letters with mounted to a pair of rails

The double rail is mostly used for installation on metal corrugated buildings. It does detract from the look of the sign and is considered old school. In today's world a metal conduit raceway from home depot would look better to mount your letters on, and they come ready finished. Double rail mount has a maximum 8ft length and the rails are pre drilled to accept the letters ordered with screws that go through the rail into the letters. Assembly is required.

Mounting Patterns

drilling pattern for stud mounted letters

Full size Drilling patterns are tracing of letters done by hand at the factory. The letters, with studs screwed into the back or into blocks, are then punched through the paper to show the exact location of the studs. Once taped onto a wall, the hole locations are then drilled and filled with adhesive for any installation using a threaded stud. $3.25 per letter.

pattern for pad and tape mounted letters

A pounce pattern is an outline drawing of letters ordered, full size, made on a plotter with a pounce tool instead of a pen. This tool punches small holes into the paper, following the exact outline of the letters. The installer will then tape this drawing on the wall and "dust" the surface with chalk. The chalk will create a "dusting outline" of the letters on the wall that is then used as a guide for installing plain or pad mounted letters. $3.25 per letter.

pattern for pad and tape mounted letters

Stencil is a full size cutout of smaller letters. This pattern cannot be ordered for Cast or Molded products. Guide for installing plain, pad or double face tape letters. Guide is taped to wall, letter set inside cutout, adhered to wall. $60 FOR UP TO 100 CHARACTERS. (We determine if Stencil or Split Stencil is best for your order.)

pattern for pad and tape mounted letters

This pattern cannot be ordered for Cast or Molded products. Split Stencil is a partial cutout of bottom portion of the letters above the baseline, plus 2" below the baseline that provides a perfect way to install plain, pad or double face tape flat cut out letters. This split stencil is generated using the same file that we use to produce your letters. $60 FOR UP TO 100 CHARACTERS. We determine if Stencil or Split Stencil is best for your order.)

pattern for pad and tape mounted letters

A guide for plain, pad or double face tape mounted letters. The letters in a specific copy are spelled out and properly spaced on a long pattern table or computer generated. A narrow (approximately 2") piece of paper contains small hash marks or plotted lower portions of the letters. This guide is then secured to the wall with tape by the installer and provides a visual guide for installing letters. $10 - ANY QUANTITY.

Embedding Letters In Concrete

How to embed letters in concrete

Last but not officially a selectable mount, we get enough requests for embedding letters in concrete that it is worth a mention here. Essentially it\'s not just a matter of laying down some wet concrete and pressing the letters in. For any kind of professional result that will last you have to construct a framework under the letters to keep them in place and together. Above you see 3 letters with stud mounts attached to a stabilizer plate. Order the letters with 2" studs, 1.5" spacers and a mounting pattern. Go to a local metal yard and buy some stiff galvanized or steel plate large enough to set the letters on. Use the mounting pattern to drill the plate then secure letters to plate with nuts and washers (not provided). Embed the entire assembly into the wet concrete.

Finish Options

All prices below are configured into the ordering form above

Brushed 304

Polished 304 Adds 30%

Brushed 316 Adds 30%

Polished 316 Adds 60%

Cor-Ten® Less 30%


Stainless Steel Passivation

Contrary to conventional wisdom, most stainless steel alloys are not completely resistant to corrosion. For example, surface corrosion can result from foreign residue generated by secondary finishing processes, subsequently becoming entrapped within the grain of the metal. When this residue comes into contact with moisture, undesirable surface blemishes and a costly repair or re-installation can be the result. So that you or your client can avoid these sorts of headaches from surfacing in the field, we put all of our flat cut stainless steel letters and logos through a rigorous “passivation” process.

This in-house procedure removes any foreign surface contaminants, and at the same time creates a passive oxide layer that protects against unsightly surface corrosion. As a general rule, we highly recommend you consider having all of your stainless steel letters passivated for exterior applications.

You can rest assured, as part of our Lifetime Guarantee, all flat cut stainless steel letters and logos have been passivated, following ASTM A 967 and AMS 2700 standards.


Aligns the display output(below) either left, right or center justified. This image is passed along in your order. Alignment requires 2 or more lines of text. TIP: You can also indent text by using spaces before and after the text to move the line text to the left or right.

Sets a background to the preview so that you can judge the text color against a background color. Backgrounds are not provided in the order. All letters come as individual letters or numbers. We do not make the sign, we help you to make your sign.

Cut letters can be made in almost any size including fractions and lowercase and punctuation. Letter sizes are based on the inch and incur a price change when fractional as in 3-1/2 inch would be priced at the 4" cost so try not to go over by small amounts because even 1/8 over any inch mark will put you to the next price inch.

Cut letters are made from solid sheet. The thicker they get the more expensive and heavier they get. Small sizes are restricted to a maximum 3/8" depth but larger sizes can go to a full inch. Thick letters in cut metals are not very cost effective and if you are looking at anything over 3/8" you should take a look at cast metal letters in bronze or aluminum, or Fabricated stainless and aluminum letters which can have depths up to 6"!

This product is size and font dependent. Small sizes under 2 inches can only be made in block fonts and all capitals whereas most larger sizes can be made in any font regardless of if it's on our list. If you have your own font or your own artwork then we can accommodate that and there is usually no price difference. Send artwork in illustrator vector outlines to and include as much details about size, thickness, finish, mounts etc for a quick custom quote.

Type in the letters, numbers and punctuation, exactly as you want it to read when you make your sign. For multiple line signs, there are 3 other lines that will become available. What you type is what you will get. If lower case letters typed and the size is too small or lower case is not available in the chosen font, those letters will automatically convert to upper case and should convert back again when you change the height or size to something that has availability. What you type here will display in the preview area to the left along with correct real world dimensions. All letters are sent to you as individual letters and numbers, not as a ready made sign.

If you only want a series of numbers or numbers and letters for doors, then type them all in on line 1. Separate with a space but do not add comma's There is no need to add one number for each line.

If you want larger leading capitals in a phrase then you have to add the larger caps on a separate line.

Cut letters can be finished in a variety of ways. Please refer to the choices at the bottom of this page. Some finishes can only be done on certain sizes or thickness of letters. Painted finishes can be the ones on our picker or for a small fee can be any pantone, sherwin Williams or PPG color.

Please refer to the mounting types at the bottom of this page. Cut letters can be configured in various ways but they are dependent on the finish of the letters and the heights and fonts also. We try to present the choices available for the choices you have made elsewhere in this ordering page.

The factory recommends 2" of stud in the wall plus the amount of wall standoff desired, if any. In most cases it is best to leave this option at factory set unless you know you want longer studs for a special purpose installation

Wall standoff refers to how far you want the back of the letters to be from the surface you are mounting them on. The factory will calculate the correct stud length and if choosing this option then it's best to leave the stud length at factory set.

The "Auto Decide" feature is best to be left on. Some patterns such as pounce and stencil are interchangeable but priced differently and with "Auto Decide" checked, we automatically configure this option with the most cost effective and best pattern. If you want to turn it off you can select from either the spacing guide or no mounts but be aware that both of these options may not be right for you and you cannot just send one back and get the other. Most patterns require the letters in hand at the factory to produce a mounting pattern. Spacing guides are ok for single lines of letters where the mounting method is either pad, tape or no mount, but for stud type mounts this pattern choice is next to useless. Please read up on the available choices at the bottom of this page.

When a quantity is set(such as for 2 sides of a sign), you only pay for and get one mounting pattern UNLESS the mount type is stud, combination or combination all. In that case you will need a mounting pattern for each set because the stud locations are never in the same position even when the letters are identical. This is due to the manufacturing process where the stud holes or mounting blocks are placed by hand after the letters are cut, cast or molded. The order totals will reflect this.