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Sign Letter Source .com Manufacturer & Distributor since 1999 Products ship from various locations including Virginia-Minnesota-Iowa-Texas-Montana and Nevada
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Steel sign letters
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Installation Hardware

No Mounts Mount with small spots of silicon adhesive directly to a flat dry surface. This option can be a bit messy and care must be taken to ensure that silicon doesn't squeeze out from the sides. Pinhead amounts should be used, dotted around the back surface in strategic locations. Masking tape will be needed to hold the letters in place while the silicon dries. A good alternative is to use some double stick tape in places that will do the initial holding while the silicon sets.
Welded Stud

On thinner letters up to 1/4" thick, we have to weld threaded studs.These studs are not removable without a lot of trouble. Mounting this type of letter requires drilling the wall or mounting surface to accept the metal studs.


Drill and Tap On thicker letters, 3/8" and 1/2", we can drill and tap the backs of the letters to accept the threaded rods (studs). A mounting pattern is highly recommended to locate the correct places to drill. Once the holes are drilled, screw studs into the stud blocks being careful not to over tighten, then fill the holes with silicon caulk, coat the studs and push the assembly into the wall up to where the stud block meets the wall surface.
Bottom Stud Bottom studs are available on 3/8" and 1/2" thick letters over 4" tall. For letters over 8" in height, some form of tie backs will be required to mount this outside. Pleaase check with your local city ordinence before purchasing.
Bottom Rail Similar to a bottom stud, the rail mount includes a length (8ft max) of "C" channel aluminum that tie all your letters together on a single line. Restrictions still apply for tie backs on letters over 8" tall in outdoor use.
Double Rail Double sets of rails can be used to span spaces or for uneven surfaces such as corrugated buildings. We provide rails and bolts, max. 8ft. Extra costs apply.
Chalfont Monument Sign
1/4" thick, Painted White Aluminum letters in old english with hawk logo

Actual Product

Polished Aluminum
Polished Aluminum

Polished Brass M
Polished Brass

Polished Stainless 5
Polished Stainless Steel

Polished Brass 3
Polished Bronze

hot rolled steel
Hot rolled steel after 1 year

Polished Copper E
Polished Copper


Polished Beveled solid brass sign letters
Solid Bronze, 3D Bevel cut and polished to a near gold finish
Satin Aluminum Logo and letters
Polished Aluminum custom "D" logo with hand rubbed vine leaf motif.
anodized aluminum
Red & Black Anodized Aluminum on Satin Aluminum Shield
Solid Copper letters
Oxidized Copper letters for the old florida lumber company
C Drawer Pulls
"C" Drawer pulls for a custom executive desk


Cut Metal Letters

Painted Aluminum Sign Letters for Orista Bay

Flat cut out metal letters are made from various thicknesses of sheet aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel and black steel. Cut with computer driven router systems, we can reproduce all sorts of designs, logo's and virtually any font or custom shape you can think of. We can cut letters as small as 1" high to 30" tall in thicknesses ranging from 1/8" to 1/2".

It doesn't stop there though. All of our letters and logos can be Brushed Satin, polished or painted to meet your specifications and to give you just the look you need for your project or sign.

We can take your .EPS, .CDR or other vector-based art files and produce your letters and logos in just 7 days. Durable enough for outdoors, yet perfect enough for any boardroom application

All of our finished letters are fully protected against weathering with a UV protectant clearcoat so that your sign will look as good after years of service, as it did the day it arrived.

Custom painted colors are also available using PMS matching or using a manufactures color such as Sherwin Williams, PPG, etc.

Alabama Golf Sign Letters
Custom painted 3/8" aluminum inset for "A" Logo with painted "ALABAMA GOLF" and smaller black painted letters over certificate plaques.



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