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Sign Letter Source .com Manufacturer & Distributor since 1999 Products ship from various locations including Virginia-Minnesota-Iowa-Texas-Montana and Nevada
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gemini vacuum formed plastic sign letters
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Plain No Mounts As you can see from the image at left, ABS/Plex Vacuum Formed Sign Letters are hollow in the back and require some type of additional hardware for mounting purposes. We allow you to purchase without mounts assuming you have some other way to affix them. Please note that ordering without a mount will require you to return them to the factory at your expense, if you later decide you want mounts. The same goes for mounting patterns.
Flange Mount A small flange is left around the outside back of the letter which ranges from 1/8" to 3/8" wide depending on the size of the letter. You can use this flange to secure the letters with small screws through the flange. Not available on small sizes.
Pad Mount Where drilling your wall is not desirable or not allowed by a landlord, the pad mount provides a way to surface mount the letters using silicon adhesive directly to a surface. Best for indoor applications as outdoors will make them easily stolen or subject to wind loss. Apply silicon caulk liberally to the pads and apply directly to the wall surface using masking tape to hold the letters in position while the silicon sets.
Adjustable Pad Same as the pad mount but with adjustable pads to allow for stand off. Adjustability is approximately 0" - 3/8". Other sizes can be requested.
Stud Mount

One of the easiest methods to use is the stud mount. Threaded plastic blocks are glued into the backs of the letters at the factory and a threaded metal rod (stud) is screwed into the block. Using a mounting pattern (sold separately), drill required holes in the wall or mounting surface then fill holes and coat studs with silicon then push the entire assembly into the holes.

TIP: Be sure to drill holes slightly oversize. Studs should not be tight in holes to allow for expansion/contraction. Be sure to order the mounting pattern(s) with the letters otherwise you will have to return the letters to make one later. Also See additional notes bottom of page.

Combination Mount

Same as the stud mount with the addition of stud through pads on the top part of the letters, fixed pads on the bottom of the letters. The stud through pads are adjustable and the rods are designed to go into pre drilled holes in your wall. This mount COMBINES the pad mount with the stud mount allowing for less drilling which may be desirable.

See additional notes bottom of page and review videos for proper install methods.

Combination All Mount

Stud through pads on ALL parts of the letters allow for maximum adjustability and standoff if desired. The stud through pads are adjustable and the rods are designed to go into pre drilled holes in your wall. Drilling is required for each stud/pad in the same way as the stud mount but also provides full adjustability for depth and uneven surfaces.

See additional notes bottom of page and review videos for proper install methods.

Bracket Mount For special situations, brackets are "L" shaped protrusions in clear plastic for affixing letters with screws. There is also an INSIDE bracket mount which is difficult for non sign professionals to use but can be ordered by specifying INSIDE BRACKET on comments section of checkout.
Wire Mount Stainless steel wire loops for screws are molded into a plastic bracket that is glued at the factory to the inside rim of the letter. Similar to the Bracket mount and only used in special situations.


All mounting hardware is added at the factory by hand. There are no specific locations for hardware to be placed in the back of the letter and therefore the locations of studs or combo/combination all type mounts will likely vary from letter to letter, EVEN WHEN THOSE LETTERS ARE OTHERWISE IDENTICLE !

When you order more than one set of identical letters for a project, YOU WILL NEED AN ADDITIONAL MOUNTING TEMPLATE!

When you receive your letters you will find a tag in the back of each letter that specifies to which position and which mounting pattern it belongs. It is vitally important that you match the letters to the mounting pattern BEFORE beginning installation.


Gemini brand Vacuum Formed Plastic Letters

St John Chrysosmtom

Brilliant chrome by day, a dazzling glow by night — that’s just one of the terrific aspects of our new Chrome finish for Formed Plastic and GemLite letters. Available in either opaque or translucent Silver Chrome, letters like this are already being used at Acura and Nissan car dealerships. They’re made using actual chrome film laminated to our own sheets of CAB plastic for the ultimate chrome finish in a deep dimensional letter.

Gemini’s Chrome finishes are all manufactured within our shops so we control the process from start to finish – no relying on outside sources to complete the job. We start by taking a thick chrome film, laminate it onto our world-famous sheets of CAB plastic and then form the letters to your specifications.

• Standard and custom Chrome on Formed letters pricing = 2.5 times regular standard and custom Formed pricing
• Opaque (8500C) Silver Chrome for Formed Letters
• Maximum single piece available is 21” x 32”


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