How to install pad mounted formed and injection molded plastic letters.

Used indoor on flat even mounting surfaces such as drywall.

Tools Required: Spacing Guide, level, masking tape, tape measure, cleaning cloth, adhesive

A stud mounted formed plastic letterFormed Plastic A stud mounted injection molded plastic letterInjection Molded Plastic
cleaning the wall surface

1. Clean the mounting surface

Clean and prepare mounting surface before starting your install.

Tip: Surface should be clean and free of excess dust or moisture.

secure mounting pattern to wall

2. Position & Secure spacing guide

A Spacing Guide or Pounce Pattern are recommended to properly install pad mounted letters. Layout, level and securely tape your guide flat to mounting surface. Check spelling, spacing and kerning of letters on guide.

applying adhesive to mounting pads

3. APPLY Adhesive to Pads

Using a quality adhesive, generously apply to the pads of your #1 letter. Install one letter at a time.

Performing final adjustments

4. TAPE Letters to Secure

  1. Using long strips of tape, securely tape letters to wall using guide. Stand back and perform a visual check to make sure letters are straight. Lift tape and reposition letters as needed to set straight. Perform a final check, from a distance, to insure proper spelling & spacing.
  2. PRESS Letters to Set: After letters are aligned properly on wall, apply pressure to face of each letter.
  3. REMOVE Tape. After adhesive sets (letters do not move), remove tape from letters. Clean off letter faces as needed