How to install cut metal letters with stud type mounts.

Threaded studs on metal sign letters with optional spacer standoff

Tools Required: Full size drilling pattern, level, drill, drill bit, tape measure, cleaning cloth, masking tape, adhesive

Plain Mounted cut metal letters

Studs are precut lengths of all thread rod that are screwed into blind taped holes in the back of the letter and do not penetrate the face. Studs can have optional standoff spacers to stand letters away from the wall

Position and secure pattern

1. POSITION and Secure Mounting Pattern

Set Pattern: Level and align mounting pattern on mounting surface. Securely tape pattern flat to surface & perform a final spelling and spacing check. Mark Holes: Use a center punch or sharpie to mark through all drill holes onto wall. Remove: Your drilling will be more accurate if you remove pattern before drilling holes.

Tip: Brick or Block walls may require using duct tape to secure pattern

Mark then drill holes in wall

2. DRILL Mounting Holes where shown on pattern.

Drill & Bits: Use a drill & bit to match your mounting surface. Use a bit that is slightly larger in diameter than your studs (allow for some adjustment). Drill holes: Hold drill level and drill all marked holes at least 1-1/2" deep. Clean Holes: After holes are all drilled, clean (blow) out holes to remove all dust.

IMPORTANT: Always match the number on the back of the letter to the corresponding number marked on the pattern. This is important because even letters and numbers that are identical can have different stud locations on the back.

applying adhesive to studs

3. DRYFIT Letters

Take letters in order of number marked on the back and press into drilled holes (do NOT apply adhesive yet and do not force studs into holes). Adjust: If letters do not press easily into holes, open holes (make hole larger with bit) until letters can be set straight.

applying adhesive to studs

4. APPLY Adhesive

Using a quality adhesive, generously fill all drilled holes. Studs: Apply a good coating of the same adhesive to the letter studs, installing one letter at a time.

Install Letters to wall

5. INSTALL Letters Using Guide

Press studs into drilled holes until the letters touch the wall. Hold letter to wall by placing long strips of masking tape (or duct tape if necessary) on the letter face. Install letters in numerical order, working left to right in your copy.

Perform a final check, from a distance, to insure proper spelling & spacing.

Apply Pressure to Letters

6. PRESS Letters to Set

Stand back and view letters at a distance. Hand adjust letters straight by loosening tape and repositioning as needed. Once letters are straight, firmly press tape back onto wall. Secure with more tape if needed. Allow adhesive to set (set time may vary based on climate). When set, remove tape from letters. If studs start pulling out of holes, re-tape until adhesive is set.

clean letters

7. Clean Letter Faces.

Clean off any excess adhesive that may press out of sides. Carefully clean letter faces with a mild dish soap and water. Brushed letters - wipe in direction of letter grain. Polished - use a soft cloth and polishing compound. NO SCRUB PADS!

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