How to install cut metal letters without hardware.

Used on Flat, Smooth Interior or Exterior Surface. Cut metal letters with NO hardware.

Tools Required: Spacing Guide, level, masking tape, tape measure, cleaning cloth, adhesive, quality VHB tape.

Plain Mounted cut metal letters

The no-mount option is for when you want to glue letters directly to a flat surface using some kind of adhesive such as silicon caulk or liquid nails. For small letters use small amounts of glue. It does not take more than a few pin head size drops to secure your letters to a clean flat surface. Try to avoid squeeze out at all costs.

Clean the mounting surface

1. CLEAN Mounting Surface

Clean and prepare mounting surface before starting your install using a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol.

Tip: Surface should be flat, clean and free of excess dust or moisture.

apply optional mounting guide to wall

There are 3 different types of install patterns possible. Spacing Guide for plain or pad mounted letters, Stencil for smaller letters up to 6" and split stencil for larger letters and logos.

The factory will determine and send the appropriate guide needed, if ordered with the letters


2. (OPTIONAL) POSITION and Secure Guide

A Spacing or Stencil Guide are recommended to properly install flat letters. Layout, level and securely tape your guide flat to mounting surface. Check spelling, spacing and kerning of letters on guide.

Drill Mounting Holes
Drill Mounting Holes
Drill Mounting Holes
applying adhesive to letter backs

3. APPLY Adhesive, Tape or Both (not supplied) to Letters

Small plain letters can be installed with VHB Tape, adhesive or a combination of the two. Be sure to use an adhesive that will bond to the metal and smooth flat mounting surface. Trim any excess tape if wider than the letter stroke. Add small dots of adhesive (if stroke allows) using a Q-tip or small paint brush.

Apply strips of masking tape to secure to wall

4. TAPE Letters to Secure

Using long strips of tape, securely tape letters to wall using guide. Stand back and perform a visual check to make sure letters are straight. Lift tape and reposition letters as needed to set straight.

Perform a final check, from a distance, to insure proper spelling & spacing.

Apply Pressure to Letters

5. PRESS Letters to Set

After letters are aligned straight, apply additional pressure to the face of each separate letter. VHB tape requires pressure to properly set. Press letters hard with fingers, roller or flat board to fully set the VHB tape. Remove paper guide after letters are set.

remove masking strips

6. REMOVE Masking Tape.

After adhesive sets (letters do not move), remove masking tape from letters. Clean off letter faces with a mild dish soap and water wipe in same direction as letter grain to help prevent scratching letter faces. NO SCRUB PADS!

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