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Color rings are available for pigmented colors with $50 refundable deposit. Colors on computer monitors will vary widely due to the type of monitor and the graphics card. We do not guarantee colors shown on this website will match actual product. Metallic effects are photoshop assimilation and are shown blown up.
Color samples are not available for painted colors. Metallic paint colors have tiny silver fleck in the paint which we have tried to represent on the metallic color samples. They are by nature a semi-gloss. Solid colors are full gloss unless requested. If you need exact colors we can color match Sherwin Williams, PPG and Pantone numbers for $20 per color. Colors on computer monitors will vary widely due to the type of monitor and the graphics card. We do not guarantee colors shown on this website will match actual product. Metallic effects are photoshop assimilation and are shown blown up.

PIGMENTED COLORS: Only available up to 1/2" thick
This is the color of the material itself and generally goes all the way through the material. There are exceptions though. Metallic pigmented colors are generally only metallic on the face itself and will reveal a black edge when cut. Metallic Silver and Gold are particularly effected. Solid colors will generally have the same edge color as face color. Acrylic has extremely good weather ability but some darker colors may begin to show fading in heavy sunlight after a few years. Acrylic is basically a colored Plexiglas™, and is not particularly strong in thin materials such as 1/8 and 3/16. The larger the letters are, the more vulnerable they are to breakage. A rule of thumb is to increase thickness when increasing height.

TRANSLUCENT COLORS: Only available in 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" thickness.
The translucent appearance of acrylic is actually due to it's thickness, which becomes more opaque as it gets thicker. By the time it gets to 3/8" thick, it is totally opaque and will not transmit light. Darker colors lose translucency faster than lighter colors. Any mounting hardware applied to the back may be seen through the face. In addition, lighting with LED's on acrylic that has mounts applied will cause dark areas where the mounts are glued.

BAKED ENAMEL COLORS: 30% extra up to 1/2" then no extra cost for 3/4" and 1"
Painted in professional spray booths with architectural grade, UV resistant, acrylic polyurethane which is very tough, long lasting and wont fade, crack or peel under normal use. Color definition, especially with metallic colors is much greater than the pigmented versions and the edges will be the same color as the paint. Painting the acrylic removes the "plastic look" and hides the true nature of the material. For instance, a painted acrylic letter will look the same as a painted metal letter to the casual observer.

Clear comes in 2 types. Regular clear may have visual imperfections and wavyness when looked through. Optical clear has no imperfections and is optically as clear as glass. Mirror acrylic, is just like mirror glass. It has a coating on the back of clear or colored acrylic that makes it act like a mirror. Mirror acrylic has it's own page under the plastics > cut plastic menu.

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Sign Letter Source .com Manufacturer & Distributor since 1999 Products ship from various locations including Virginia-Minnesota-Iowa-Texas-Montana and Nevada
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Cut Acrylic Sign Letters
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Installation Hardware

No Mounts Mount with small spots of silicon adhesive directly to a flat dry surface. This option can be a bit messy and care must be taken to ensure that silicon doesn't squeeze out from the sides. Pinhead amounts should be used, dotted around the back surface in strategic locations. Masking tape will be needed to hold the letters in place while the silicon dries. A good alternative is to use some double stick tape in places that will do the initial holding while the silicon sets.
through holes Holes are drilled through the letters to allow you to use screws to fasten the letters. Looks unsightly and will crack the acrylic if screwed to tight. Always allow the screws to snug, leaving expansion room. Will crack the acrylic if no expansion room allowed. FREE OPTION
Pad Mount Mushroom shaped perforated pads are glued to the back of the letter to provide mounting points that will stand the letters away from the wall about 3/8". Apply silicon caulk to the pads then stick directly to the wall using strips of masking tape to hold them in position for 24 hours till dry. Not recommended outdoors.
stud On thinner letters up to 1/4" thick, we have to glue on threaded stud blocks to accept all threaded rod (studs). In general this will stand the letters off the wall about 1/4" to 1/2" depending on the letter size. Mounting this type of letter requires drilling the wall or mounting surface to accept the metal studs. A mounting pattern is highly recommended to locate the correct places to drill. Once the holes are drilled, screw studs into the stud blocks being careful not to over tighten, then fill the holes with silicon caulk, coat the studs and push the assembly into the wall up to where the stud block meets the wall surface.
combination mount Studs through pads on the tops of the letters give you holding power into the wall while regular pads on the bottom of the letters give you the convenience of drilling less holes. Also good for use on uneven siding.
combination all mount Combination All has stud through pads on all mounting points giving you total flexibility. Use where you want a stand off of the letters from the wall surface, or to adjust for ridges and valleys on metal buildings.
Keyhole Mount Not many companies offer this but its an excellent way to mount letters indoors where you may later want to remove them for painting the wall or to relocate. With this mount and a mounting pattern, all you do is run drywall screws into the wall, deep enough so their heads protrude, then locate the heads over the large keyhole opening, push toward the wall and pull down to lock in place. No drilling, no glue, and easily removable for painting or moving. Requires fonts large enough and thick enough to accommodate the depth of the keyhole and the
size of its opening. Usually 6" and above and 3/8" or more thick.
Double Side Tape Mount High quality, general purpose double sided tape makes mounting a breeze. Not recommended outside but can be used outside if silicon caulk is used between the tape strips.
Drill and Tap On thicker letters, 3/8" and 1/2", we can drill and tap the backs of the letters to accept the threaded rods (studs). Mounting is the same as for the stud boss above except that the studs go all the way into the wall for a flush mount.


Acrylic letters and logo
Acrylic letters and cut-away logo

foot logo
Multi-color, multi layered, acrylic foot logo for a chiropodist

corporate rewards logo and letters
Nice use of colors for this corporate logo

stargazing acrylic plaque
Acrylic plaque with connected script letters and stars

Our Laser Cut Acrylic Letters


Acrylic plastic sign letters can be best described as Plexiglas. Our Acrylic is available in thicknesses of 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2". Unlike the Formed Plastic Letters and Injection Molded Letters that are hollow in the back and provide for greater depths, an Acrylic plastic sign letter is solid all the way through and has a maximum depth of 1 "

The greatest advantages obtained from Acrylic sign letters are price and versatility. This product is cut with computer guided tools which allows us to cut virtually any shape, font, logo or design. Although we have a standard font set to choose from, we can in fact cut any font at no extra charge in most cases.

Laser cut acrylic sign letters and logos offer an affordable way to create great looking signs. The laser cutting process, flame polishes the edge of the letter leaving it as vibrant as the high gloss face.

Acrylics can be pigmented, i.e.: the color of the raw material, or painted with a long lasting and durable baked enamel finish. The latter is recommended for exterior use as some pigmented colors tend to break down under continuous UV exposure.

Disadvantages are weight and resistance to vandalism. While the thinner materials are relatively inexpensive and fairly lightweight, the thicker materials are very costly and heavy. Thinner materials are easily smashed on impact.

Most any font or shape can be cut, and there are 24 standard pigmented colors to choose from as well as an array of painted colors. Custom painted colors are also available using PMS matching or using a manufactures color such as Sherwin Williams, PPG, etc.

Laser Cur Acrylic WLaser Cut Acrylic with Studs

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