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  • affordable leather Co.Vacuum Formed Plastic 12" Times Bold Italic in Duronodic Bronze
  • Alabama GolfSolid Aluminum Custom A with painted inset and satin brushed plus regular 1/4" painted aluminum letters.
  • American Grilled Cheese KitchenA large reverse cut brushed aluminum plate with the letters cut away, backed with black acrylic.
  • Bling by bouvierMetal Faced Acrylic letters in Brush Script with a smoked aluminum metal face. The letters were further embellished with "bling" by the customer
  • Castle Creek EntranceA large W made from Hot Rolled Steel and painted Flat Black
  • Chalfont at Hunters Creek Orlando FloridaLetters and Hawk cut from 1/4" Aluminum in Old English Font, painted white.
  • ChicagoChicago letters in silver mirror acrylic.
  • Down to Earth Farmers MarketCut from 1/2" acrylic and painted Black with custom Logo
  • Florida Community BankLarge Tree logo and letters cut from 1/2" acrylic, painted in the Banks custom Pantone logo Colors
  • Fort Madison Historical Society Restoration ProjectWe were asked to reproduce the inset image from the 1950's for the historical society's restoration project. We used several programs to determine the correct size and hand traced the original letters. Cut from 1/4" aluminum, painted White.
  • Corporate Rewards1/4" painted Aluminum in several colors
  • Harvest House1/2" painted acrylic letters with a custom cut wheat stalk painted in brilliant gold.
  • Inspired 2 Dance - Troy Tapia SignsWe cut this from 3/16" acrylic with 3/8" standoff, painted in Violet and Purple.
  • University of San DiegoQualcomm Conference Center, cut from 1/4" thick solid aluminum, painted Black
  • University of San Diego More 1/4" black aluminum letters for UC San Diego
  • University of San Diego Jacobs Hall, yet another successful job for the University
  • Jehovah Year Text Every year around Christmas time we get charged with cutting another religious phrase for the church. Cut from 3" and 2" tall Natural acrylic in the Garamond font style
  • keys to the LakeCorporate Logo cut from Metal Faced Acrylic letters with a polished brass face.
  • lee lees forestMinimalistic approach for this upscale Ny Boutique. Cut from standard white acrylic. The Bicycle adds a a nice touch.
  • Mirage from Troy Tapia SignsYet another great design and installation from Troy, cut from 3/16" acrylic and painted in custom PMS colors.
  • never to  late to be a cowboySome indoor baltic birch wooden letters, painted in gloss black adorn the entrance way to this theme restaurant
  • Corporate Recognition WallMetal Faced acrylic letters added just the right appeal to this recognition wall without a large cost.
  • old florida lumber coCut from solid copper and left to age, this was exactly the look they were going for.
  • Park Immigration ServicesReception areas are perfect for our metal faced acrylic letters to add a touch of class.
  • A River Of Our OwnCut from 1/8" aluminum and painted black with 1/2" standoffs.
  • Royal T from Troy Tapia SignsCut from 3/16" acrylic, 3/8" standoff and painted tastefully in the corporate custom colors, yet another great installation from Troy Tapia of Louisianna
  • St John ChrysostomA mixture of Vacuum Formed and Injection Molded Plastic letters from Gemini Inc.
  • Sugar & Spice - Troy Tapia LouisiannaMaking Louisianna mor beautiful every day, yet another great design and installation from Troy

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New Stories

Vector Artwork

We can cut directly from your Adobe Illustrator artwork. A vector file will look something like above, they are outlines of the objects to be cut. They can be scaled to infinity without loss, unlike images that blur when you resize them. A vector outline can be read by cutting machines, like the flight plan of an aircraft, each point on the art tells the cutting head where to travel.

All fonts are vectored which is why you can scale them to print on paper or on the web. All graphics require a vector version, .ai, .eps and often .pdf but if you take an image and save it as an eps or an ai or a's still only an image.

Formed Plastic Letter Production

Cast Metal Letter Production

LED Production
What's New?

Now 100% Mobile Friendly!

Many of our customers may have noticed a new look in our ordering pages. This was necessary to accommodate mobile phones and mobile friendly devices. We are still in the process of upgrading many of our pages to the new technologies and we apologies for any issues this may have caused.

Unfortunately, ordering sign letters on the web is still not a one size fits all, point and click affair so we recommend using the desktop. Our advanced interactive ordering pages allow you complete control over the design of your next sign including previews with real world dimensions.

At right an image from the internet wayback machine of how our website looked in 2003. has come a long way since 2003. 2003 courtesy of the internet wayback machine

Expanding our Gemini Product lines

We originally partnered with Gemini Sign Products in 2003 and have maintained a proven track record as a distributor of their excellent products. Gemini has been an established name in the sign industry for the past half century. Organized in 1963 in Minneapolis,they originally specialized in the manufacture of vacuum-formed plastic products. Shortly thereafter they began manufacturing plastic letters and despite dramatic changes in the way the world does business, both us and their philosophy has remained unchanged: to provide the highest quality letters, logos and plaques, at the lowest possible cost, hassle-free, with the quickest delivery in the industry.

Interactive design/ordering with real world dimensions and pricing as you work

All our individual product pages feature our advanced ordering and design system where you can configure the letters, numbers and eventually logos, right into the design for your next sign. No matter what product you are interested in, this tool will automatically figure out what size letters will fit the sign space you are working with and show you a preview of the letters and numbers, with real world dimensions on as many lines as you need. Pricing is clearly shown as you work and configure the various options and when you are done you can add the letters to your cart and check out.

Illuminated Letters

New this year from Gemini Sign Products, is the addition of both halo lighted and face lighted channel letters that include pricing for the LED's pre installed at the factory. Both Halo and Face Lit letters come in sizes up to 60" tall and depths to 6" deep in either the popular Stainless Steel or the newly introduced and reduced cost Aluminum. Plastic is also available for face lighting with the Gemlite Products which can reduce overall costs due to the cheaper materials.

Also on the leading edge but not yet fully developed are a new line of flat cut acrylics that feature embeded LED, aptly named "Luxe". We don't have pricing yet but these look very promising for those that need minimalist indoor lighted letters. Cast letters are also said to be LED Lightable now but as of writing we have no firm details on prices, sizes or the ever present "restrictions". More info on these as it becomes available.

Need ADA or Plaques?

As a Gemini distributor we have access to all of these products. As of writing these are not available on our website so you will need to ask us via email but we do have both cast and machined Aluminum and Bronze plaques along with laser etched stainless steel and other types of plaques. We also have a line of ADA sign with or without Braille. We will soon be adding these products to our website for you to both price and buy directly online. All plaques are fully customizable for your particular needs.

Decisions Decisions.... we went ahead and created an app to help you decide the very first part of any sign... what product best suits the application! Just choose from some simple questions about your project and our decision engine will lead you to the products we have that will suit the situation! I mean, that is the very first thing you have to do with any project isn't it? Find out what best suits the need and then hammer down the price. Go ahead and give the decision engine a try by clicking the image to the right.

The Economies of Molded Plastic or Cast Metal Letters vs. Cut Letters

In the table below we illustrate the economy realized from Cast Aluminum letters and Cast Bronze Letters when compared to cut metal in various depths. In general a Cast letter will be cheaper when you want lots of letter depth and are willing to use one of the 60 or so standard fonts and standard sizes. If you don't need thick letters or you are in need of custom fonts in sizes less than 4" tall, a cut letter will be cheaper. This is also true for molded Plastic letters versus cut plastic letters.

Quality Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.

Whether you are looking for custom metal, plastic, or illuminated letters, or a cast or precision tooled plaque you can rest assured that all Gemini products are constructed from the highest quality materials and will be guaranteed for life. From personal experience of 15 years working with Gemini Sign Products I can assure you that their product warranty is the finest in the business. Rarely have I worked with a company more dedicated to going the extra mile than Gemini Sign Products.

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